Wednesday, January 31, 2007

...And the winner is!

This was a vary vary hard kontest to judje. Thare were so many grate entreez, and after I red evry wun of them, I was reddy to vote that one as the winner. Qwite a few made my eyes leek, and they made the Food Lady's eyes leek, and Mr Tasty Face's, too. Make shur yoo all show yer entreez to yer Food Ladeez/Doods/Peepul so they can see just how grate they are!

I got the ideyuh for this kontest win I red abowt Lewis the Cat's Food Lady, Ruth Cisero. She's the wun hoo was reddy to go to jale to keep Lewis frum being condemmed to deth. She was vary brave (and qwite frankly, the Avon Lady dezervd to be attakt for coming into Lewis' yard uninvitid). Anyway, I was thinking of giving Ruth Cisero an award bak win I red abowt Lewis, but then I thot that all of my frends have GRATE Food Ladeez, and thare's probly a Ruth Cisero in thare sumware. So that's how this kontest startid.

This yeer, the nominayshuns razed $180 to be given to Libby Marie's Mom, Brandi's Mom and Oreo's Mom. They eech got $60 --- not a hole lot, but we wunted to let them know that they have frends in the blogosfeer hoo care abowt them.

Finulists were selektid by populer vote, and then a committey of me, my big bruther Mao, Rocky and Trip choze the Grand Prize Winner.

Anyway, to git to the winners.....!

We ended up with SIX finulists insted of five frum over three hundred votes cast. Three of the finulists had the same number of votes. The six finulists are:
  1. Libby Marie's Riley's Mommy
  2. Merlin's Daddy
  3. Kimo & Sabi's Mommakitty
  4. Luxor's Fuddy Duddy Food Dude
  5. Deb Taylor
  6. One-eyed Stevie's Daddy
Eech of theeze finulists gits thare choice of a Skeezix the Cat Wall Kalinder OR a morfing Skeezix mug.

Next, thare was a wild card winner. This entrey was chozin at randum frum the non-finulists, and wins:
  • Sponsership of a Best Frends Cat in yoo or yer Food Lady/Dude's name AND
  • Choice of eether a Skeezix the Cat Morfing Mug or 2007 Skeezix the Cat Kalinder

And the wildcard winner is: Dragonheart's Hyoomans!

Choozing frum the finulists was reely reely tuff. Eech of theeze Food Peepul was extrodinery in thare own ways. One-eyed Stevie's Dad is owt to save the werld, one cat or Santa at a time. He's amazing, and a reely wunderful persun. Lux's Fuddy Duddy Food Dude reeminds me so much of Mr Tasty Face, it's unkanny. Deb Taylor is an amazing saver of cats, inclooding helping to save owr best frend, the intrepid reeporter, KC. Kimo and Sabi submitted the best nominayshun --- it was reely nicely done, with lots of good pikchurs, and it told evrything abowt thare Mommakitty hoo is anuther wunderful persun with a huge hart. Merlin's Daddy is a superstar for letting Merlin git a baby bruther (LT, hoo was heroikly reskyood by Bubbles' and Mrs B's ladey), and of korse Libby Marie Riley's mom hoo werked so hard to save Libby's life and to let her know in her last days how much she was loved.

In the end, we choze the winner as the nominee hoo got twice as many (yes, twice as many) votes as the 2nd place finisher. Aside frum the fakt that we wunted the winner to reflekt the voters' wishes, the winner was sumwun we'd love to have as a persun, and hoo imbodeez the very best of Food Lady/Dudehood. This nominee got votes frum all over the blogosfeer (not just like ten votes frum all the cats in his howse), many times more comments than any other nominayshun, and the cat hoo nominaytid him took the time to comment on neerly evry singul nominayshun (wich I haven't even bin abul to do yet). And ultimitly, the thing that deesided it for us was the foto in the nominayshun: it was just the sweetist thing, and also providid inkontrovertibul proof that this food dude has a vary tasty face, wich is an importunt part of being a good Food Dude.

So as yoo may have gest by now, Skeezix the Cat's Food Dude of the Yeer Award goze to Luxor's Fuddy Duddy Food Dude. Congratulayshuns! He wins:

  • A "Food Lady/Food Dude of the Yeer Award" Trofeey
  • $50 Amazon Gift Sertifikit
  • Sponsership of a Best Frends Cat in yoo or yer Food Lady/Dude's name
  • Whirly-bird Cat Toy for the cat hoo nominaytid yoo

I'd also like to aknolidje One-Eyed Stevie's Dad as the runnerup. We'll send Stevie a Whirly-bird Cat Toy.

Two nominees came vary vary close to being finulists and shood by salooted, too: Jeter Harris' Dad and Danielle, hoo saved the Rode Ilund Kitteez (inclooding Kismet's new sister, Sophie). Sorry, yoo don't git prizes but, as a Yankee fan, Jete' shood know -- thare's always next yeer!

Thanks to evrywun hoo partisipaytid! I wish I cood have givin owt big prizes to evry single persun!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Qwik Links to Nomineez

Qweschuns or problims? Emale Skeezix: skeezixATskeezixthecatDOTcom

Roolz and stuff are heer.

NOMINAYSHUNS KLOZED 12/18. Yoo can still add nominayshuns, but it may take a day or two to git them added to the ballot.

The Nominees are:
  1. Loki's Food Lady
  2. Lilly, Mu Shue & Iris' Momma Laura
  3. Gemini, Georgia and Cheysuli's Momma
  4. Pippin and Turtle's Mom
  5. Luxor's Fuddy Duddy Food Dude
  6. Dragonheart's Humans
  7. Libby Marie Riley's Mommy
  8. The Calico Girls' (Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious) Momma
  9. Mia, Ghost and BG's Mom
  10. Jeter Harris' Dad
  11. Boogers, Fido & Hondo's Peepul: Daniel and Samantha
  12. One-Eyed Stevie's Daddy
  13. Latte the Meezer's Vet-Man: Dr. Ian Driben
  14. Kaze the Cat's Lap Lady
  15. Chase's Awesome Man
  16. Smudge & Bob's Mummy
  17. Sophia, the Diva Kitty's Grammy and Popi
  18. DaisyMae Maus and the Feline Americans' Mom
  19. The Catnippia Crew (Taps, Snowy, Pounce, Sia and Shamy)'s Meowmize
  20. Oreo's Momma
  21. Pumpkin's Momma
  22. Eclair's Foodladee
  23. Bathsheba's Mom
  24. Frost, Cleo, Bear & Sabine's Mom
  25. Samoa, Calvin & Violet's Mawmee
  26. Jake's Dad
  27. Grr's Blonde Girl
  28. Conner Cloud's Mom that Visits
  29. Dazey May's Man in Green
  30. Beau's Food Lady, Cathy: Defender of the Universe
  31. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy's Momma
  32. Abby the Manx's Lady
  33. Skeezix's Mr Tasty Face
  34. Danielle, hoo saved the Rode Ilund kitteez
  35. Secund Danielle nominayshun (by Purrchance to Dream crew)
  36. HOT(m)BC's Mom, Robyn
  37. Sanjee's Grandma
  38. Finny & Buddy's Mom Bean
  39. Gree's Mom
  40. OC & Carma's Papa
  41. Suzanne's Mama
  42. Kimo & Sabi's Mommakitty
  43. Angie & Beau Beau's Daddy Bean
  44. Cal, Snickers, Tempest & Lady's Food Lady Hope
  45. Debra Taylor (Grace, Audace & Ruse' nominayshun)
  46. Big Bad Baby Twinkle's Meowmie "Ace"
  47. Mom Robyn (nominayted by Bear)
  48. Icon Baxter Bentley's Tall Man
  49. Dr Kathleen Smith & Staff (nominaytid by Missy Blue Eyes)
  50. Karen C (Grr, Midnite & Cocoa's mom as nominaytid by Jake & Spot)
  51. Karen C & Deb Taylor (nominaytid by KC)
  52. "ML" (nominaytid by Midnight)
  53. Jesse's Mom
  54. Junior's Mom, Rhonda
  55. The Brit Cats' (Pandora & Charlie) Mum
  56. Sigmond Bartholomew's Mom, Lisa
  57. Lucky Boo's Mom, Heather
  58. Sassafras, Polka Dot, Furman Dexter, Phoebe, and Melissa's Mom, Mindy
  59. Rosie & Cheeto's Majikal Grandma
  60. Bonnie Underfoot's Man
  61. Max (Psychokitty)'s Woman
  62. Merlin's Daddy
  63. Ariel's Mom
  64. Scooby & Jamesie's Mom
  65. Hank's Mommy

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am nominating my mommy (connie aka: the purple blogging princess) for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My name is: Henry... furrends call me hank

I luffs my mommy so much! she feeds me an luffs me and pets me and cleans my litter box hugs me and i sleep on her footsies and pounce on em and put da bitey on em and she still luffs me!

so pweeeze vote for her!

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Always our Food lady of the year

I am nominating my Mom (Amber) for the Food Lady of the year Award.

Our names are: Scooby (Scoobythecat) & Jamesie (Snoodleroo)

Scooby says:
My Mom is my Food Lady of the year because she saved me. I was a wild kitten who got captured by the vet people, very scary. My soon to be Mom was at the vet's office because my sister Crystal was sick. They went out of the room and Mommy had to put Crystal to sleep because she couldn't ever get any better. The nurse thought that Mom might want to meet me so she took me in the room and handed me to Mom. Mom had been crying so hard and I could feel that her heart was breaking so I cuddled with her. I purred as hard as I could so she would feel better. She was so sad! After a little while, Mom started to rub my back and ears. I stood up so we could play and I got distracted and licked her fingers instead. My Mom showed me what kind of person she was right then because she asked the nurse about my situation. They told her all about me and she rubbed me some more and then she asked how much it would cost to take me home! She was going to take me with her! The vet kept me overnight so they could fix me and give me my shots but I was scared she wouldn't come back. But the next morning Mom came and got me! She had little tears in her eyes and said she had missed me tons! She talked to me and rubbed me and told me I have a family now! She is the greatest Mom a kitten could ever have! She even tells me about my sister Crystal, she still cries a little so I lick her tears away and tell her I love her too! I am proud to say that she is my MOM!

Jamesie says:
My Mom is my Food Lady of the year. She is my friend, Mom, playmate, toy finder, water & food dish filler, teeth & fur brusher, medicine giver, pillow, blanket washer, litter box cleaner (bad job but she does it anyway), door opener (to go out and play), nip buyer, and did I mention my friend? She loves me tons. She talks to me (& Scooby) about her life and listens to us when we need her. She might not understand "MEOW" but she still listens. She is always there when I need her and she will walk beside me outside. She held my paw through Crystal's illness and eventual death. We both hurt together is what she said. Crystal loved her too! Mom would let Crystal sleep under the covers tucked right against her side all night! Crystal drooled and she had bad breath but Mom just didn't care. That is the kind of person she is. She is everything a cat would ever want or need in a human parent. She has a very large heart and feels others feelings too. She will cry for someone who is hurting and she laughs at herself later about that, but it is a good quality. That is what makes me love her so much. So I am also proud to call her MOM!

Link to my blog or Catster profile: Scooby Jamesie

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am nominating my mommy for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My name: Ariel

My mom got me at a pet shop when I was just 8 weeks old.I was in a very large dark cage all alone.When mommy pass by she thought the cage was empty yet she heard a soft mewing and gently tapped the cage.Then when I came out from the back of the cage. I was so small and cute mommy fell in love with me right away.The man at the pet shop wanted mommy to look at the other kittens yet mommy said she made her choice.

She paid the man and took me home.When we got home mommy carried me in a little pouch she handmade cause I was so little she was afraid of stepping on me.Yet mommy also noticed something esle I was so skinny and my fur looked matted.She took me to the vet the very next day.When the vet looked at me he sighed (not a good sign) anyway he examine me and told mommy had I had a bad case of earmites and a very servere stomach parasite.He said he could treat the earmites yet cause of my wheight 3 pounds he was very worried about the parasite. He gave mommy some medicine yet no garantees that I would make it. Mommy was sad yet she look at me and swore she'd wouldn't let me die. She took me home and gave me the medicine. She slept with me on her chest all night long on the couch. She brought a special kitten milk,She rubbed my swollen tummy.Mommy gave me the love and attention that horrible pet shop didn't.

She is the reason I'm alive today beacause she didn't give up I'm now a very healthy 4 year old cat...Thanks Mommy I love you Ariel

Ariel's Blog:

I (Merlin) nominate my Daddy

I am nominating for the Food Dude of the Year: My DADDY.

My name is Merlin.

I love my Mommy.

My Mommy loves me!

She even quit her job to stay home with me for a while. She says she didn't, but I think she really did. We had lots of fun, playing and cuddling. So even though she just got a temp-hor-hairy job and isn't home during the day anymore, we had a really good time. She gives me treats, and throws my Fishie, and feeds me and kisses me and tells me she loves me.

You might think, what a good Mommy! Surely Merlin is nominating his Mommy for Food Lady of the Year...

BUT I nominate my Daddy, and that is for this reason:

He's letting me get a brother!!! I'm getting a BROTHER! I'm so excited about my BROTHER!

That is all.

Link to my blog:

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Woman Is Not A Food Dood, But Close Enought

I am nominating The Woman for the Food Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name is: Max (aka Psychokitty)

Why I am nominating her:

  • She has opposable thumbs
  • She buys the right kind of Stinky Goodness
  • She has a rather large and comfortable lap
  • The inside of her nose smells really skanky, and I like that
  • One time, at band camp...
  • She almost always follows the rules, which say if a kitty is good when the people are having dinner the kitty gets a tiny taste when they're done
  • She hardly ever yells
  • If a kitty is sick, the kitty can throw up on her clothes and she doesn't get mad
  • She never expects me to share my food, even if she's good while I'm eating
  • She warns me before she turns on the sucky monster
  • I have never seen her eat a booger
  • I did hear her talk about eating an Oreo, and I freaked out a little, until I realized she meant a cookie and not THE Oreo.
  • When I bit her that time, she didn't drop kick me across the room
  • When I bit her that other time, she didn't bet me into a bloody pulp
  • When I was so sick and they all thought I was going to die, she curled up on the closet for with me and whispered that I needed to get better, because I had a bajrillion friends who were pulling for me, plus her life wouldn't be as nice without me in it.

And that's why I'm nominating her, and I hope I'm not too late, but if I am that's ok. She might just think she was special or something if she won.


My Man... Mine!

I am nominating my man for the Food Dude of the Yeer Award.
By Bonnie Underfoot

I was just a little kitten when I was suddenly whisked away from my litter! Some strange woman tried to squeeze me and strangled me and yelped when I scratched and bit her. Who was she to try to hold me while the whole world moved past? Finally I escaped to safety under the seat.

The world stopped moving and got rather quiet, except for two voices; the woman shrieking about dragging me out from my safe place, and a comforting male voice, so soothing… soothing… HEY! Lulled by his voice, I was snatched unsuspecting out from under the seat. The shrieking, squeezing woman carried me into a strange, cluttered room and dropped me on a bed. Freedom at last!

…Or not. The smallest boy I’d ever met began shouting, “Kit-ty, kit-ty, kit-ty!” and trying to grab me. I dove for cover under the bed. I located the exact center of the bed and hunkered down to wait for my tormentors to leave. Instead, the woman returned and scolded the boy. Then she began cooing, “Here, kitty, kitty, come here, kitty,” and even spoke to me in baby talk. Sensible feline that I am, I stayed where I was, safe with the dust bunnies.

Later, I heard that soothing male voice again. And other good sounds… food pouring into a dish; litter sliding into a litter box… food… litter box… oh, I couldn’t stay beneath the bed forever.

So I ventured out into my new territory. I have found the woman to be annoying but useful. The boy… is mostly annoying, but I’ve trained him to fear and respect me. The man is by far my favorite. While they terrified me, squeezed me and hurt my ears, he brought me food, a litter box, and his quiet, soothing voice.

To this day, my man provides the best computer chair, a damp towel full of his scent, and the best belly rubs only when I desire them. That’s why he’s mine, all mine, and the best food dude in the world.

Visit my blog or my Catster profile.

Owr Majikal Grandma. -By Rosie and Cheeto

We are nominating Owr Majikal Grandma for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.
Rosie and Cheeto

We luv owr fud lady but today we are going to write in honur of owr fud lady's lady, owr grandma. She has these amazingly majicullie superpowers and that's why she's fud lady of the yeer!
Turns Papur Into Fud
When owr lady was in collej she didn't have a mr. werk who wuld put fud in the cat dishes. That's whare owr grandma came in. She wuld male these pieces of paper to owr lady who wuld "cash" them and whoaaa, thare was fud in owr cat dishes!!!
With One Luk, She Makes One Big Happie Familie
When I, Cheeto, was living with my lady she didn't even think of bringing anothur kittie to live with me. Than she met rosie and saw how sweet and innocent she was...when grandma saw Rosie she gave my lady the luk and what do you know, we turned into one big happie familie!
The Nevurending Fud Bowl
No matter how hard we try owr fud bowl is nevur empty when Grandma is arownd. We culd eat all day and majically the fud keeps coming. Owr lady says it has sumthing to do with grandma's Italiyun jeans, but weve nevur seen hur ware denim!

Link to Rosie and Cheeto's blog:

She put me on a diet, but I still love her...

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: Sassafras, Polka Dot, Furman Dexter, Phoebe, and Melissa. Our nominee's name is Mindy. The picture is of her wearing her Crab Hat and sitting with Furman.

Our Mommy rescued us all and she loves us to pieces, that is why we are nominating her. She found me (Sassafras) in the pound thirteen years ago and it was love at first site. I clawed up her loveseat and she never said a word. Next, she liberated Polka Dot from a dirty basement
that smelled like pee pee, Furman Dexter just showed up at the back door, and Phoebe did too. Phoebe was wild wild wild, but Mommy sat with her every day and read her Harry Potter books until she got used to her voice, and now Phoebe sleeps on her head. Melissa came into the family when Mommy was a little girl, and they were like sisters. Our Mommy is so patient she didn't even get mad when Phoebe tinkled in some places she shouldn't have, she just trained her where to go. She brings us stuff to sniff from the outdoors since we aren't allowed to go out. Seashells, bird feathers, leaves, sticks and flowers. She buys us all kinds of toys when she can, even when things are tight. She makes sure we eat the best foods and nurses us when we feel sick. Furman Dexter had a big surgery this year and Mommy sat by his cage at the vet every day and held his paw. Mommy always makes sure the radio is on when she leaves the house so we can dance all day. She also makes sure to feed the birds and squirrels so we can have kitty tv. Mommy doesn't only love us kitties, she loves all animals and bugs. Mommy made us pages on catster and we got to meet all kinds of beautiful kitty furrends and humans. xxxooo, Sassafras

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Lucky Boo's FLOTY Nomination

I am nominating my Food Lady for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: My name is Lucky Boo and my Food Lady's name is Heather. She's also the Food Lady of my siblings Sir Thomas, Dutch, Luna, and Sindri.

I don’t know how my Food Lady (a.k.a. Mommy) grew up to be so different than the Food Lady and Food Dude who came before her (a.k.a. my Grandparents), but each day I am thankful for their differences. I found my Food Lady 13 years ago, when she was only 10 years old. She lived on a lonely dirt road, and I wandered up to her while she was out for a walk with her parents. Her parents told her she could keep me as long as she understood that she was giving up the opportunity to own a purebred puppy of her choice. She gladly accepted, and I became known as Lucky Boo.

In the family my Food Lady was born into, pets are just animals. They aren’t cherished family members. So imagine my relief when I realized that my Food Lady was different. She has always had a connection with animals and has always believed them to be in many ways equal to humans, all deserving of compassion, comfort, and love. While her parents were content having a dog outside guarding the house, my Food Lady wanted to make sure that dog always had a decent quality food, some fun toys to play with, and a nice soft bed (inside the house, nonetheless) to sleep in.

Over the years, as my Food Lady grew older, she began to see that I didn’t have an easy life under her care. I lived outside, per her parents’ orders, and I survived some bizarre injuries. I was bitten by a snake, and I even almost got decapitated by a garage door. Lucky, she began to realize, was quite an appropriate name for me. But when I was 12, I started facing the most serious afflictions ever: Feline Leukemia and Feline Infectious Peritonitis. My Food Lady had been away at college for a couple of years, and I’d stayed behind with her parents. I was still an outside cat. When I started to have seizures, my Food Lady came to my rescue. She and I were always close and very bonded, so she was devastated to find out that I might not be around much longer. My Food Lady decided to give me the best care. Her Food Dude (a.k.a. her Dad, my Food GrandDude) had taken me to the vet, saying he didn’t want to spend much money on me, the old, worn-out cat. He does love me, but it's just not the same with him as it is with my Food Lady. The vet wanted to have me put to sleep, saying I wouldn’t survive more than a few weeks, but my Food Lady wouldn’t have that.

She hauled me off to college with her, and I became a spoiled rotten indoor kitty. I had fancy new toys, new beds, super premium food, and even a water fountain with fresh, flowing water. I also had a new vet. My Food Lady said this new vet was the best in the area, and she was right. Even though I had a lot of great new things, I also had a few new problems. I started to throw up a lot, and I also started missing the litter box. But my Food Lady accepted these negatives as new challenges. Because my Food Lady was willing to put a little effort and money into my care, I am still alive and relatively healthy. My Food Lady has done everything in her power to make my life more comfortable, pleasant, and healthy. I take two pills twice a day, but my Food Lady has even made that process an easy one by getting me some Pill Pockets. They are treats that mask the awful taste of pills, and I love them. She even got me a stroller because I missed going outside so much! Every time I get sick, whether it be with seizures, a urinary problem, or a cold, my Food Lady schedules a vet visit for me. She doesn't even complain when she has to clean up after me when I throw up or miss the box. She has made the commitment to take good care of me because I have given her so much love and companionship over the years.

We have watched each other grow up, and now as she watches me grow old and develop medical problems, it saddens her. I know she wishes that we kitties could live as long as humans, but that’s just not the way things are. Besides, there are lots of kitties in need of loving homes, and if we all lived nearly a century, so many more cats would be homeless or in shelters. I am no longer a robust, young cat, and to my Food Lady it seems like the changes in my health took place overnight.

We are both lucky that I am still here, eight months after receiving my diagnoses, and we cherish every moment that we have together. This past year has been a rocky one, but also one of the sweetest because my Food Lady and I have spent almost every waking moment with each other. I only hope we will have another year together. I am not the only cat in my Food Lady’s life; there are five of us, and we each come with a unique and incredible story of devotion, respect, courage, and most importantly, love.

Link to my blog or Catster profile:


I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: Sigmond Bartholemew, mamas name is Lisa...She is the one in the picture on the left, with her dad in the middle and her oldest brother on the right

I nomnate my mama because she is the most terrific mama of all time. She found catster on the puter and then put me in there. she did add my sisters but anyways, about my mama. she has been in my life since i was a little baby, yes i was little once. MOL. My mama is always kissing me and telling me how much she loves me. she is always getting me things i really like. she always gives me my kitty pot and i dont even have to do anything but sit and look at her and she just cant resist my cute looks. i think she is just so sweet, kind, loving and caring. she has always taken care of me even when she isnt feeling well. she lets me do whatever i want, i do get into trouble sometimes and mama gets mad, but she never stays mad at me, because she just loves me so much. she says i am her favorite boy. she says she will ALWAYS ALWAYS be my mama and i love her so much for her just being her.

Link to my blog or Catster profile:


Food Lady of the Yeer Award

We are nominating for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: Pandora and Charlie, the Britcats, and we wants to nominate our Mama!!

Pandora: I have to have nasty medicine when I'm sick and she buys me special delishus prawns to take my medicine with. Then she opens the capsool and stirs the medicine into the prawns. She does this every day when I needs the medicine.

Charlie: My mum is fab! I only likes Go-Cat Indoor Cat wiff greens 'cos it stops me hurling furballs. But no one in our district sells it, so Mum goes to anuvver store miles 'n' miles away and buys me lots at a time so's I always got some.

Pandora: My Mama pertects me from Charlie and looks after me when I have a nasty turn with my insides. She makes sure I get rest after an attack.

Charlie: I loves my Mum even though she has started using the water bottle on me. I'm ever so naughty, but she still loves me.

Pandora: see? Lots of reasons to nominate our Mama. She even pulls the mats out of my fur without hurting me.

Charlie and Pandora: Mum took us in when no one else wanted us!

Link to our blog:

My Food Lady

I am nominating for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My Meowm, Rhonda (this is Junior speaking)

My Meowm is purrty wonderful! She gave me a furrever home after I had been at Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue for 2 years! She brought me home and has loved me even though in the beginning I bit her quite a few times.

She spoils me almost every month with a new toy. I get to sleep where ever I want and I can jump up on any counter. She feeds me stinky goodness every morning and evening and I get a little bit of crunchy food left out all the time. She says this is to help keep my teeth healthy! I get treats too! She plays with the wand toy with me and she tosses my catnip mice to me. She bought me a great Millie bed that I love! She lets me keep her company in the human litter box room and lets me play in the water in that big tub thingy...even whe she is in there! And she is taking me on a road trip so I won't be alone for Christmas and I get to meet my Uncle bean!

All this and we haven't even been together for a year (although it is very close)!

My Meowmy also donates to the Siamese Rescue when she can and she just bought some material to make snuggly blankets for some rescue kitties here in our home town!

I just love my Meowm!

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Thanks for reading my story!


The Mom that Lives Here is my FLOTY

I am nominating the Mom that Lives Here for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My name is Jesse
I am nominating The Mom that Lives Here for FLOTY. She is my momma and I luvs her!
Here are my "Monday 13" reasons why.

  1. She feeds me. I like Purina Indoor Kitty Formula. It tastes good. She always makes sure there is some in the bowl. Even if it's not time to eat!
  2. She chose me! When me and Dazey were borned, she wuz only going to take Dazey. Then she looked at me and decided I needed to come live wif her and Dazey. I'm so glad she did!
  3. She let us join Friends of Skeezix on Catster. He's a great friend!
  4. She let us get our own blog! It's called Cyclone Cats, on account we live near Iowa State University.
  5. She lets me go outside! On my leash of course!
  6. 6. She cleans up my cat yak when I eats my breakfast to fast. And she hardly never complains!

7. She lets me sleep in the bathroom closet where she keeps her clean towels. This is the only place where Conner can't get me and she respects my need to get away from him.

8. She brushes me! I loves to be brushed! We sits on the couch and she brushes and brushes and brushes! It makes me purrrrrr.

9.She recognizes my Princess Status. Took her a while but she finally agreed that I'm a princess and should be referred to as "Princess Jesse" or "Pretty Princess".

10. She helped Dazey, Conner, the 2 legged kitten and me sponsor Judah from Best Friends for Christmas.

11. She lets me sleep on top of the computer monitor any old time I wanna.

12. She opens windows for me when it's nice outside.

13. The very last reason that my Mom that Lives Here should be Food Lady of the Year: SHE LOVES ME! VERY MUCH!

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Midnight Nominates ML

I am nominating Mary Lynn (ML) for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My name is Midnight and I'd like to nominate a very special Lady for this Award. She goes by "ML" and is the purrson who takes care of KC, Missy Blue Eyes and Bear, the woofie. Bear, being a senior woofizen, requires lots of care and ML sure does love and care for her - she even cooks special meals for Bear because Bear has very few teethies left. Everybody who knows Missy knows that Missy would have purrfurred to be an only cat, but ML took in little KC, without ever even meeting her, and gave her a home. When little KC was so sick, ML was so sad and upset over almost losing her precious little kitty, but she was most upset because little KC had been on pain medication that wasn't even for kitties and wasn't working. The thought of her little angel hurting made her loving mommy very, very upset. ML has also donated to help every kitty and human pet in the Catblogosphere that has been in need - usually more than once. She really wants to help every kitty in need, and tries every way she can. What most of you probably don't know is that she has a kitty family outside that she's set up a winter shelter for. There's a mommy, daddy, and two tuxie kittens. ML has been feeding them, sheltering them, and has been trying to get them to trust her so she can get them good vet care and forever homes. We love ML and we think you should vote for her for Food Lady of the Year!


Jake & Spot Nominate Karen C.

Hey this is Jake and Spot here. We were thinking about nominating our mommy but we thought that we would nominate someone else. We are going to nominate someone who we think really deserves it. This mommy has three kitties of her own. We all know how expensive and time consuming we can be. Yet this food lady takes so much time and money to help other kitties. She has helped some of our friends that were intruding at our house. Plus she has helped others. Without her there probably be some of our friends that would still be living who knows where. So I guess we will tell you who this person is, but first let me say there are many people we would like to nominate but we had to pick one. I don't want any of the people who are now new mommies to feel left out. All the people who rescued a kitty should have their own awards. Well we are here to nominate Karen C. - she is the servant of Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. She has been trying so hard to help out getting the lost kitties found. There are many happy kitties and beans alike because she has helped with the rescue effort. I know there are more people to nominate and we don't want them to feel unappreciated because they are not. Karen has really been there from the beginning, for all the ones she has helped. So we think that Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's servant should win the food lady award!


Dr. Kathleen Smith & Staff, Houston Cat Hospital

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award: Dr. Kathleen Smith & Staff, Houston Cat Hospital

My name/Our names are: Missy Blue Eyes

I am nomy-nating Dr. Kathleen Smith and her wonnerful, dedy-kated staff. They saved tha life of mine lil sisfur, KC.

KC 'n I are jus startin ta get to know each others. KC 'n Bear are like sisfurs, they stay together all tha time. I don't know hers as well, but I wuz reely skeered when she gotted back frum tha clinic affer hers lady surgery. She was furry, furry sick.

KC haffed eight abcesses that Dr. Smith removed, but during tha surgery, KC stopped breathing. Dr. Smith breathed fur hers, thru a tube in hers neck, till she could breath on her own. I don't fink most vets do that sort of fing. But Dr. Smith and her staff are extra-spes-shul.

Link to my blog:

Icon Baxter Bentley's Tall Man

I am nominating my Tall Man for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: Icon Baxter Bentley

Top Ten reasons why my Tall Man is the best. Aside from the obvious one -- he adopted ME ;)

1. Before I came along he never thought he’d be a cat lover.
2. He has mastered the technique of brushing me. It takes two brushes to do this properly; a hard wire brush for my fur; and a soft brush as a “distraction” for me to rub my face on. I love love love to rub my face whiskers on something hard.
3. He doesn’t mind getting cat hair on his nice clothes.
4. We get to do “guy things” like fall asleep on the sofa or eat chicken in front of the TV. I usually fall asleep on his lap or perched behind his head on the back of the sofa.
5. He knows that I am more adorable than the girl cats and the kittens. Actually, he thinks everything I do is adorable (except for the crop circles). I get more attention from him then my sisters. It’s a guy thing.
6. When I am about to have a hairball he can get a paper towel or a news paper under me before you could count to three! He is amazingly fast!
7. Sometimes he will bring home new things such as a box or a package. New things on the floor are fun to sit on. If I really enjoy the new object and take lots of naps on he will leave it there for me to use (until mamma complains about it being out and covered in cat hair now). One time he let me sleep on his suitcase for almost a whole month before mamma MADE him put it away in the closet. He also got me a Christmas tree after reading my blog about how much I wanted one. (I promise not to pee in it!)
8. He thinks it’s adorable and special when I “squeak” for my dinner.
9. He doesn’t try to clean my ears (hate) or tickle my soft white belly like mamma will do on occasion.
10. He also doesn’t mind my sharp claws when I get so happy & make biscuits on him. When they get too sharp he has a nice technique to trim the sharp dagger like points without me getting upset.

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Mom Robyn

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: Bear

I want to nomy-nate Mom Robyn. I kinda get ignored around Missy and KC, especially since I am older (17 in February) and haf ta rest a lots. Mom Robyn made me feel reely spee-shul. I didn't even haf ta ask.

She made me a Catizen an sended me a neat badge for my bloggie. Then she sended me a bee-you-tee-fol collar charm for Honorary Puddin 'n anuffer one wif a real cool stone that's healing for my old bones. Then, if all that weren't enough, she put me on a couple of pages of the Cat Friends Helping Friends Calendar (however, she did steal the photos from our bloggie).

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Big Bad Baby Twinkle nominates hur Meowmie

I am nominating my Meowmie "Ace" for the Food Lady/Dude/Purrson of the Yeer Award.

My name iz Big Bad Baby Twinkle:

i like to eet. Meowmie iz my favrit Foodie Purrson becuz she feeds me but duz not free-feed me or I would be an big as a Vee Dub by now. Wat she duzzint know iz dat I call Dominoze for Pounce pizzas as soon as Meowmie is owt da door and on her way to wirk evvry morning -- snort snort!!

Meowmie's name is ACE. She iz frum da Bronx but she don't live there ennymore.

When she was 14, she fowndid a liddle tiny kidden in da Bronx and naimed hur Pee Wee becuz she was sooo tiny. She raised Pee Wee using milk and pablum and a liddle dolls bottle. Ace was da kind of gurlie who usta fight and play baseball and go fishin' and all dat kinda stuff so she was kinda embarassed to hafta go to da store and ask for a doll bottul but da guy in da store he was very kind. So Ace raised Pee Wee and then da Big MEAN mama of Ace sed dat they wuz leevin da Bronx and Pee Wee cuddint come with them. Ace's Mama also sed Pee Wee would NOT be spayed. So Ace had to leeve PeeWee in da Bronx with a lady who let all her cats live in her bakk yard and none of them was fixed. Ace's heart was terribly BROKIN. Wenn Pee Wee died 4 years later, PeeWee came to say goodbye to Ace, even tho they were 300 miles apart. Frum then on Ace became a Spay/neuter and Humane Educashun advocate.

For the past ten years Ace has been sending out "Pet Care" packajis to peepul who take care of strays AND to peepul hoo need a LIDDLE more edducayshun on how to be KIND to aimals.

Now Ace uses the internet mostly and she has been able to recently help sumwun in annuder state, that she never met (ekksept over the phone), to get her 4 cats spayed and reskewed.

Ace is also one of dose peepul dat cats and dogs (and even 2 luvbirds) come up to to get reskewed. So now she carries a small but helful pet reskew kit with her wherever she goes. And LOTS of bizness cards that politely promote proper pet care.

Ace also took the Animals in Disasters courses (FEMA is NOT a bad wird!) and CERT training (on-line), CPR for hoomans AND animals (wunss she saved hur belovid Miss Princess kitty from choaking, and wunss she revived a drowndid ladybug-- dont laff) ; she awlso took De-fibrillator and NIMS traning (6 hour class). Why did she do these things? Just becuz she tries to be a responsibul citizen of da earth and she wants to do all she can while she is on dis earth.

Ace is just an ordinerry hooman beeing hoo beleeves dat Animals have gotten bad treetment for too meny yeerz and she iz dedicating herself to help edewcate peepul in a nice way. She thanks Pee Wee for much of this inspirayshun. She trooly beleevz dat "A Nation is known by the way it treats its animals". She awlso makes pin on buttons dat say things like "Spay and Neuter" and summa them also have pikshas of resekwed pets on them, or just funny sayings and she sends them to peepul hoo reskew animals so they can use em for fund raisers to make munny. She collekt cat and dog food cewponz and sends em to reskewers all over da nayshun.

Ace is on a tite budjit but she beleevs dat we are all here for wun anuther, so she duz da best she can.

Here's da link to my Catster profile:

You can see links to PeeWee and Princess and dat ***Laaady***, Cee Cee too.

Karen Chavez & Deb Taylor (by KC)

I wanna nommynate fur the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award: Karen Chavez & Debra Taylor

My name is: KC

i hafs so many peoples in my life ta be thankful for, but two are the very most important. i talked to mommie about this and she agreed. i wouldn't be wif anyone today if'n it wasn't fur Karen Chavez and Deb Taylor.

if it wasn't fur Karen, nuffin else would matter, cause i wouldn't be here. period. i wuz jus minutes away from a one-way trip to tha back room, all cause i wuz little 'n skeered 'n i hissed. they's had jus broughted me in, off tha streets of LA. Karen came in to tha shelter -- on hers day off -- 'n effurrything changed. She held me and petted me 'n told me it would be okay. 'n it wuz.

Karen gotted in touch wif another angel, Debra Taylor, who spended days on tha phone 'n sending emails 'n doing lots of legal stuff to get me outta there. while Deb wuz takin cares of tha lawyer stuffs 'n makin all my travel plans, Karen would visit 'n sneak me foods 'n talk ta me.

Karen taked me to LAX fur my trip ta Houston (in Saturday traffic). 'n Deb comed by 'n gived my Mommie ML 'n Daddie Charley a ride to tha airport (in Saturday traffic) so's they could spend tha long drive home cuddlin wif me.

I wish effurry little lost kitten could have angels like Karen and Deb.

signed...KC D Sherwood
(named in honor of Karen Chavez and Debra Taylor)

pee ess: Most peoples don't know i haffed a middle name, but i's writed it on my papers a few days affer i gotted ta Houston. it's to honor Deb, and it jus be "D" fur Dee.

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Dr. Smith is the BESTest!

I am nominating Dr. Kathleen Smith of the Houston Cat Hospital for the Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name is Pepi.

It may be kinda weird to nommynate somebody that I nefur even met, but I reely wanted to. See, even tho I live in Furginia and that's a long long way from Houston, I fink Dr. Smith is the bestest. And she's a V-E-T! So you know she's gotta be speshul for me to think she's the bestest.

Why? Cuz Dr. Smith saved our furriend KC! Our furriend KC lives in Houston, and she got furry sick from an infection after her girly surgery. We was all furry worried for her and purred for her a LOT. KC's Mommy took her to see Dr. Smith and Dr Smith dided surgeries on KC to get rid of all the infekshun. But poor lil KC had a ree-akshun to the sleepin stuff and she stopped breathing! That is NOT good, like we all know. But Dr. Smith is furry good and furry determined, so she did an emergency trake-ee-awtomy and she breathed for KC til KC could breathe for herself again. Wasn't that GREAT??? Me and my sisfurs are all so happy Dr. Smith is such a super duper V-E-T. And Dr. Smith helped KC get all better.

Well, I finks KC is furry cute even tho she's another girl and I got girl kitties all over the place around here. So I thoughted it was impawtent to nommynate Dr. Smith fur savin KC cuz that was a GRATE thing to do. Fanks for savin our furriend Dr. Smith!

Pepi the Hunter

Link to my blog: Hot(M)BC

Our lifesaver, Debra Taylor

I am nominating Debra Taylor for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Our names are Grace, Audace, and Ruse.

When I, Grace, was about 10 months old, I gave birth to four beautiful kittens, but not everyone appreciated us. We were all taken to the animal shelter in Houston when my beautiful babies were four days old, but those meanies were going to destroy my babies because they were too young to feed themselves. I was there, and I was feeding them, but that didn't seem to matter. Anyway, Godmother Deb heard about us and raced to the animal shelter to get me and my babies. She and her family kept us in her house in Houston until we were old enough to find forever homes. After much advertising and blogging, all of which showed some gorgeous photos of me and my darlings, Deb found two someones who wanted us. She drove me and two of my babies (Pete and Foster, renamed Audace and Ruse) to Marilynn's house north of Houston. My two other babies (Brutus and Marigold) went to live with Rose and Emily in New Jersey; Godmother Deb made arrangements for them to fly there in style where Rose picked them up.

Godmother Deb is truly an angel and a lifesaver -- in fact, she saved all five of our lives and found the BEST forever homes for me and my darlings. All that last-minute (and later, planned) driving in the terrible Houston traffic was nothing short of heroic. She could see immediately how beautiful we all were (and are!), and that none of us should be "put to sleep" for silly reasons.

We all love you, Godmother Deb. We and our human servants bless you daily.

Link to my blog or Catster profile:

Our mewmie Hope the food lady and tasty ears

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Cali, Snickers, Tempest, Lady:

We lov out mewmie so much that we want to nominate her for food lady of the year award. She is so dedicated every morning that she gets up on schedule to feed us. We get all sorts of good things like dry food, wet food beef, chicken, and salmon. She often makes us some fresh fish and we get tuna out of the can too. She loves us and works so hard to keep us happy. Mewmie has never been nominated for anything and we would be happy if she won and and happy if if didnt happen. She thinks about us before herself. She buys our foods and meds before she does for herself. She tells us that we are her life and we are so happy to have her as our mewmie. We all have gone through some scarey times in our kitty lives and if it was not for our mewmie rescueing us then we would either be dead or scared outside by ourselves. Please read our catster pages for our stories. Mewmie is out savior and we thank the lord everyday we have her. She has a big heart and would help any cat that needs help. We are also looking for a newsister too :) Our Mewmie is the best mewmie and food lady in the whole wide world. *meow* Cali Tempest Snickers Our Mewmie is in the red sweater. She is sitting on the left.

Nominating Daddy bean

Angie and Beau Beau am nominating Daddy Bean for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Mine Mommy was the one who found me coz she had a dream bout finding me but my Daddy is extra speshul to me an Beau Beau. If it wasn't for him then we wouldn't even have had a speshul home to come home to.

First, Daddy found my brofur, Beau Beau. Then when Beau Beau settled in Mommy came to get me. Daddy at first didn't want to haf two cats coz he nefur did that before. But once he saw Mom holding me he asked her if she really wanted me to come home wif them. He got the paperwork going and put me in the car and brought me home.

Now that I've been here a year I know that Daddy is a speshul guy. The bestest fing of all is that he lets me sleep on the bed in between his and Mommy's pillow in my own speshul place. He sacrifices breathing almost acoz I finks he is allergic to mine hair. He doesn't breathe to good sometimes when I'm around him to much but he still lets me sleep there.

As for feeding us he is the one who gets up in the morning when we ask him to at 5:30 without complaint (and he is a complaining kind of guy). When our food supply gets low he makes sure that he takes Mommy shopping with him and then he buys us the bestest kind of food there is for us again without complaining about the cost. Then, even more importantly he makes sure that our bathroom boxes are always cleaned every day and he even sweeps up after me when I kick all the litter out of my box.

Playtime wif Daddy is fun too since he gets home first he makes sure we get some play time with our fev-vers even before he has to do all his ofur chores.

Most importantly of all is that he makes sure Mommy is happy and he is happy then we are all happy togefur in our furever home.

Here's a link to our virtual home:

Mommakitty is the Bestest Food Lady!

Why Our Mommakitty Should Be "Food Lady of the Yeer"
by Kimo & Sabi

We want to nominate our Mommakitty as the Food Lady of the Yeer, but to do that we have to go back in time to tell you her story of devotion for kitties. This is what makes her so special to us . . .

S: Before we was born, Mommakitty had 2 other kitties, Misha and Geno. These were the first 2 kitties our Momma ever formally had in her family. They were both rescued by Mommakitty. First there was Misha, a meezer boy, who was born in a woodworker's shop. Misha and his siblings were making a mess at the shop, bringing in dead animals to eat, pooping everywhere, and messing with the woodworkers stuff. The shop man said he was gonna have to trap the kitties and take them to "the pound" unless someone saved them. Mommakitty got her friends to rescue and take home the kitties furever and she took Misha home with her. She didn't think she'd get another cat until Geno . . .

K: Mommakitty and a friend were at a flea market one day and saw some people trying to sell puppies and kitties out of their truck, but they were selling them for people to eat! Mommakitty and her friend were horrified and her friend pretended to want to buy Geno (a tuxedo boy), and scooped him up and ran. They ran to tell the police about these mean people, and the police called the humane society and they confiscated the furry babies and were taken to shelters for safety and adoption. Mommakitty took Geno home to live with her and Misha.

S: When Mommakitty met Daddykitty years later, she said "love me, love my cats," and he did, so they all lived happily after ever. Well, sort of . . .

K: Mommakitty took very good care of Misha and Geno. She was very dedicated to them and gave them lots of TLC. Misha passed away from some stomach problems in 2002 at the age of 13. Geno lived 2 more years, but was then diagnosed with Lymphoma a couple of days before Mommakitty's own momma passed away. Mommakitty knew Geno was in pain but she couldn't bear to lose Geno while she was still grieving for her own momma. Geno took some medication for a week and he gave Mommakitty some special TLC during his last week. They had some very special moments in their last week together - they talked to each other, snuggled and nuzzled, and when it was time they went to the vet together. Mommakitty stayed in the room with Geno, held his paws and prayed with him until he peacefully passed. This is a photo of Mommakitty and Geno on their last day together;
S: She took Geno's & Misha's ashes and spread them in some of their favorite outdoor places. They had a very special bond . . . Daddykitty say's Momma is a "cat whisperer." Kimo & I will attest to the fact that she is a furry good listener and doesn't just pretend to talk to us, she talks WITH us.

K: Which is a good segue . . . Mommakitty wasn't sure she wanted any other kitties after Misha and Geno, but Daddykitty convinced her to go to the local shelter and check out the kitty room. Sabi and I had arrived at the shelter about a week before - we were born on the same day, but not from the same litter - duh! I'm a meezer and Sabi's a black & white something. Anyhoo . . . as soon as they came in the kitty room we was climbing all over her! She said she felt we were so much like Geno and Misha, coloring and all!

S: She only intended to adopt one kitty, but she felt we were meant to be in her family! It was also real important that she adopted us kitties 'cause she's adopted too! She signed adoption papers and everything. When the adoption lady told Mommakitty there was a return policy, Mommakitty replied, "Adoption is forever!" Yeah for Mommakitty - she said she would NEVER return us and told the adoption lady that was a stoopid policy! As you might understand, she's a huge adoption advocate! This is a photo of us on our Gotcha Day;
K: So here we are 2 years later - still adopted! Mommakitty treats us like royalty (that's the way it's supposed to be). She has had to do a lot of training of Daddykitty 'cause he's still learning about kitties! When we breaks something, she doesn't get upset and explains to Daddykitty "stuff happens." Here are some other reasons why she's the best;
- She buys only the bestest food (checks the labels)
- She gets us lots of excercise with fev-ver mousies, fev-ver sticks, balls, etc.
- She lights the fireplace when it's cold
- She lets us play the piano (occasionally)
- She lets us snuggle in the warm clean laundry from the dryer
- She teaches us new games (like hide Daddykitty's batteries)
- She helps us collect coins and save money
- She encourages us to try new things (like Scrabble)
- She cleans out our poopie box and doesn't complain
- She combs us and keeps the bugs off us
- She give us rules, but let's us fudge on 'em
- She lets us greet visitors (if we feel like it)
- She put a birdfeeder outside the window for us to birdwatch
- She lets us interrupt her work to make bisquits
- She doesn't yell at us . . . she says "please get down"
- She picks boogers out of our noses
- She checks our tushies for dingleberries
- She watches American Idol with us
- She cleans up our hairball hacks
- She encourages us to meet new friends online
- She gives us headbutts and paw massages
- She gives good belly rubs and butt skootches
- She lets Kimo watch her take a shower
- She keeps us indoors, safe from mean outdoor critters
- She shares her tuna sandwiches with us
- She give us bottled water (not that stinky tap water)
- She lets Sabi help with her knitting
- She knits toys for us (and slips in a little nip!)
- She knits blankies for the Snuggles Project
- She give us hugs and kisses efurry night before bed

S: She works furry, furry hard each week as a psycho-lady-therapist, helping little kids stay with their families. She helped organize a rally and went to the California State Capitol to tell the Governator to give her program some more money to help these families . . . and he did! She runs a kinship center and when kids are at risk of being taken away from their parents, she helps them find other relatives willing to take care of them - sometimes temporarily, sometimes furever. It is a furry tiring job, but when she gets home she still devotes as much time as possible with us (and Daddykitty, of course). She says family is the mostest important thing ever and we are part of the family!
K: Did we tell you she also is an artist and does watercolor sketches of cats! She sells her artwork at street fairs and all the money goes to people or pet causes. That's how we learned about philanthropy . . . it's kind of a big word that means doing something special for others. Oh, and one more thing, the most important thing . . . she NAPS with us! Can you tell we thinks she is the bestest! More than just a food lady! She's Super Mommakitty!
S: Yea . . . she should get a Presidential award . . . and be on Oprah . . . and get a raise! Well, at the least, we thinks she should be awarded "Food Lady of the Yeer" 'cause she's the bomb!

K: Totally the bomb - we love our Mommakitty!

Respectfully submitted by
Kimo & Sabi
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Kimo's Catster Page:
Sabi's Catster Page:

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My mama is MY floty

I am nominating my mama for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name is Suzanne. My mama has given me many nicknames: 'Suze', 'baby', and our favorite--'babiest girl'. I may be 15-1/2, but I don't mind being my mama's baby. I've liked it from almost the minute I met her.

My mama adopted me when I was about 4 weeks old. I'd been born in a garbage dumpster just after my mama's mama died. I was a tiny orange kitty girl (only 5% of orange kitties are girls!). I joined her household with several other kitties. They were nice enough, but I was scared.

After I avoided mama and all the other kitties for a few days, mama came to find me. She picked me up and held me close. Right then and there, we knew that we were supposed to be together. I looked into her eyes and said 'mama?' She said 'Suzanne?' We recognized each other!

In public, I've never been much for being recognized. Mama used to get teased that I was invisible! I'd hide under the bed, usually up inside the box spring. Mama doesn't mind that I'm not all that social. She knows that I love her best.

In private, mama's all mine! We cuddle together under the covers. I love to get close, usually with my back against her chest. She rubs my tummy and I purr. We talk to each other, and I've heard almost every single one of mama's secrets. Mama says that she's learned more from me about abiding love than she has learned from any one else ever!

I've trained my mama pretty well. When it's time for bed, I find her in the living room, tell her that it's time to go to bed, and then head into the bedroom to wait for her. If she doesn't come right away, I go back out to get her. Sometimes I have to do this 3-4 times, but she always comes when I call her!

This last year, mama got sick and had to stay home from work every day for more than a month. I took care of her by staying with her so she wouldn't be lonely. She took care of me by always making a cuddle place under the covers. Even when she was tired and had trouble breathing (she had pneumonia), she made sure there was room for me.

One thing that mama does that I just love is that she shares her dinners with me. Usually, she gets one bite and I get one bite. If she forgets, I reach out my paw to remind her that it's my turn for a bite. I love chicken, and she sometimes licks off the seasoning before she gives it to me so it won't be too spicy. She shares sour cream, cheese, and ice cream. I like to lick those from her fingers.

I love to sit on my mama's lap when she plays on the computer. I sit between her wrists, and sometimes rest my head on her forearm. She types with just one hand so she doesn't disturb me.

I really do have the best mama in the world. It'd be nice if you thought so too. Even if you don't, though, we're glad to help Libby Marie, Brandi and Oreo.

Happy holidays!

(I really like your kyoot owtfits, Skeezix! I think you're awesome!)

We Love Owr Papa and Yoo Shood Too!

We are nominating our Papa for the Food Dood of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: OC & Carma

OC heer:

If yoo read my Mama's Tail of Devoshun, yoo should planely see why I love her so. But, my Papa, he really dint wunt to have anuther cat in the howse. But then Petey (the cat who came before) wint away unexpektedly over the Rainbow Brige. Papa was always nice to me but he just woodent let me inside. Then when it got cold owtside and Mama kride, he let me stay in their car house and made a big bed with a nice big lite that made me warm. After I got sick, he let Mama and the V-E-T help get me better and live inside. He's got a grate belly that he lets me yooz for a bed and he lets me lik his face like Skeezix's Mr. TF. He makes shoor I get my medicines every day that I need them. He lets me eet his fud (sumtimz). He always stays on the other side ov the bathroom door while I get the monster under the door. He plays Get the Foot with me, whenever I wunt too, even if he'll be late fer werk. He always picks me up and talks to me like I'm his best frend. I luv my Papa as yoo can planely see in owr piktur.

om: Carma
The Man rescued me from the pound a long, long time ago. We were both skinnier then. He used to let me outside but one time, after he took me to a new house he'd been living in just before he moved into a different house with the Lady. I ran off to check some stuff out and couldn't remember how to get back home. The Lady had told him he shouldn't let me out until I was used to where I was, but he didn't listen and I was gone for 3 whole weeks. I went on a wild adventure that we can't discuss here but the Lady told me that the Man cried and cried because I was gone. He also put up signs everywhere and would go walking around calling for me, but I never heard him. I finally found home the day before they moved into the new house and he was so happy he cried and didn't care who saw. I don't get to go outside anymore and so I've gotten a little fluffier. But he doesn't care that I'm fat, and loves me just the same. I'd love him more if he'd feed me more, but he won't. He always takes time to love on me even if he's busy. He gets very busy but I know how much he loves us all and we're grateful for him.

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Vote for Mom!

I am nominating my Mom for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My name is Gree.

I vote for my Mom cuz she's a grate Food Lady. She luvs me efun when I get mad and go to Mistrie's to stay away a long time when I'm mad. She feeds me efurry day, even when I wanna go outside. She lets me in the house to eat and outta the house to play and back in the house to eat and back outta the house to play and sleep in my woodpile. She luvs me just like I am and that's the best.

I luv you Mom :)

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Nominatyin owr Mom bean - Finny & Buddy

We are nominating owr mom bean for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: Finnegan & Buddy

Finny: I adopted her first so I get to tell my story first! I lived in a napartment compleks and had to eet garbij owt of dumpsters and hope the peeples who lived there din't chase me or throw stuff at me or let there droolers chase me. Seems like it was allways reely hot or cold or it was raining or snowing.

One time wen it was snowing, a lady and a man felt sorry for me and let me in there partment. So I thanked them by hugging and hugging them but they din't like that. And..well...I didn't have my hoo-ha-ectomy yet so I had to spray so other cats wood kno it was my partment and they were my peeples. But they reelly din't like that! So the man bean putted me owtside in the snow agane, but the lady felt sorry for me so she fownd owt abowt a good shelter plase were they wood take care of me and find me a furever home and she took me to SAFE Haven For Cats.

The beans at the shelter got me a hoo-ha-ectomy so I woodn't want to spray things ennymore and they fixed up an owie I had from fiting wif other animals at the partment compleks and they fed me reely good foods efurry day and the nise volunteers wood pet me and I wood hug them to see if they liked it. But none of the beans liked it wen I hugged them cos my claws wood go in there skin and they wood say ow ow ow and put me bak in my cage.

Efurry weekend beans wood come to visit the cats at the shelter and let a cat adopt them. But I wasn't reddy yet cos the vetty bean still had to give me more shots. So I was in the bak in a speshul room wif some other cats who were sik, and the mamacats wif kittens and no bean came to let me dopt them.

But one Satterday wen all the beans were coming to get adopted, the lady bean who was the boss of the shelter plase was showing some other beans all the cats and all the speshul plases becos the shelter was kind of new. And one of the ladies came by my cage and was talking to me and petting me throo the cage.

So Miss Pam sed "you can take him owt if you want" so the lady did. She opend the cage dore and I purred as lowd as I cood and I climed rite up her front and I put my arms arownd her neck and my hed down on her sholder and I just purred and purred and purred. Do you kno wat she did then? She petted me and hugged me back and she sed to the other ladies "This is my cat." And my granma bean laffed and Miss Pam laffed, but me and mom knew we were ment for eech other. So one week later I went home wif mom and we will allways be together and give each other hugs and even if mom sez "ow ow ow Finny yore claws are herting me!" she doesn't put me down and she NEVER makes me go in a cage!

That was 7 yeers ago and mom has allways taken good care of me. She takes me to the vetty bean, but not too much. If she has to go away for werk, she makes sure some nise bean frends come to feed me and pet me. If she has to go away for a long time, she takes me to visit Granma and Grampa who I allso love furry much. She gives me speshul treets like milk or shrimps onse in a wile.

Buddy: My story is reely diffrunt from Finny's cos I was resskewed by my good Brandon boy wen I was just a littul kitten and I lived wif him for 3 yeers. I din't have to scrownge for garbij or live owt in the snow and rane. I had other cats to play wif and even a big lizard! But wen I was 3, some bad stuff happend in owr fambly and I coodn't live wif enny of them enymore. One day Brandon's mom putted me in my carrier and we went for a long ride. Then she sed "Good bye Buddy, have a good life wif yore new mom." I din't know wat to think and I cryd and cryd. She gave me to another bean who putted me in her car and we drove and drove for a long time. This happend alllll day long! New bean, new car, long driving. I was so scared I coodn't even cry enymore, I just wated to see wat wood happen.

It was dark and I was in a van wif some nise beans who smelld like cats and that was ok, cos some of them had smelled like woofies and I din't like them! We were not driving and another bean came and got in the van and they let me owt of my carrier and she held me and sed "Hi Buddy! I'm yore new bean." She tolld me how hansome I was and that she had another poodin at home to be my new brofur but I was scared and worried. Then we drove more and more and finely we got to a howse and the bean sed Welcome Home Buddy! And Finny was there and we hissed at each other. Then mom put me in a little room by myself and I finely went to sleep for a furry long time.

It took a long time for me to be comfortable there in the stranj new howse and to stop wondering ware my Brandon boy was and to make frends wif Finny. But mom was payshent and she was furry nise to me. She din't get mad wen I scratched her wif my claws and she tryd to play the games I liked but I was afraid to trust her. I wood let her pet me a little bit but I woodn't sit on her lap or let her hold me.

Mom lerned to understand wen I was feeling a little bored and crazy and she plays wif me to make me feel happy and not bored. She makes ekstra gravy on my foods cos she knows how much I like gravy. She understands wen I get reely upset abowt somefing like last yeer wen the fire truks came and skared us and then I got furry sik a few days later. She takes me to the vet lady and she gives me pills even tho she knows I don't like them but it's good for me.

Wen I run owtside and want to eksplore, she lets me eet grass for a minit and then she piks me up and we go back inside. She even grows speshul grass in a little greenhowse just for me! She puts birdy seed owt to feed birdies so I can watch them and she puts carrots owt there too for my frend Bernard the wild Bunny.

But the furry bestest thing of all abowt my mom is that she sez I will allways allways be her big orinch Buddy and I will nefur haf to go on a long long car ride to live wif someone else or go to a shelter.

And that's why owr mom is the bestest Food Lady of efurry year!

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I luv my Grandma

I am nominating my Grandma for the Food Ladyof the Yeer Award.

My name is Sanjee.

I's kinda shy to rite this, becuz I loves my Mommy too, but my Grandma is my Food Lady of the Yeer! And she deeserves an award. TWO efun!

See, Mommy was my purrson when I wuz little. And dat was good. I luved my Grandma too, but Mommy was my purrson. The Mommy hadta go up to Noo Yawk and live. She was gonna bring us kitties in a lil while after she could get a place where she could haf kitties. So me n Mini n Boni stayed wif Grandma waitin. But Mommy was furry sad cuz couldn't geta place where she could haf kitties. And well I got used to Grandma lil by lil and I picked her for my furever purrson cuz she is always so good to me.

I didn't like hafin sisfurs. I wanted to be an only cat. Grandma unnerstood that. She letted me haf her bedroom! She putted my foods and my water in her room and efun my litterbox. So I hadded my whole own place. She efun putted my kitty bed on the big bed so's I could be neer her and not be lonely. And she talked to me lots. She tolded me how speshul I am and that she luved me lots.

Grandma efun loved me when I playeded too hard wif her. I's kinda fussy and Mommy knewed how to deel wif me when I playeded to hard. But poor Grandma didn't know. So lotsa times I clawed her and maded her bleed efun tho I didn't meen to. Like almos efurry day for a long time. Grandma called it donatin blood for the kitty. But Grandma still luved me. And she still tolded me I was speshul and that she luved me lots.

Soon efurry night when Grandma would come to bed we gots to talk. She talks to me and I talk to her. She pets me too. And now we knows that we luves each ofur lots and lots and I don't claw an play too hard when she pets me. Then after our talkin and pettin we gets to go to sleep. I likes that lots and lots.

Well Mommy camed home to live cuz she bein wif her kitties and she missed Grandma too. It wuz nice Mommy camed home but Grandma's still my purrson. Grandma still lets me haf her room so's I gots my furry own terrytory n foods n stuff, efun tho I kin go out in the rest of the h ouse any times I wanna. And she luvs me lots and lots. And we talks efurry nites and I gets pets.

Sumtimes I lay closeby Grandma cuz that makes her reel happy. I's kinda fussy and don't like ta touch much when I sleeps. But sometimes I efun lay right next to her feets and tuches them and that makes her extra reel happy. So maybe I'll do it sum more. I wanna make her happy cuz she taked good care of me and didn't hate me for makin her bleed almos efurry day for a long time. And she always always still luvs me. And she talks to me efurry night and tells me I's speshl and she luvs me lots.

I luv you Grandma!
You's the bested Food Lady efur! (Sorry, Mommy) And you deeserves an award for bleedin so much til we gotted usedta each ofur. And fank you lots and lots for always luvin me and tellin me how speshl I am and how much you luvs me lots. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mom Robyn is OUR Food Lady of the Yeer

Vote for Mom Robyn!

We (Boni Maroni and Mini) are nominating for Mom Robyn for Food Lady Yeer Award. She gets OUR Food Lady of the Yeer Award anyways, but it'd be cool if she gotted purrizes too cuz she's SOOPER!

Thirteen Reasons Mom Robyn
is Food Lady of the Yeer
says Boni and Mini

1. She rescued us from starving!

2. She always takes care of us even when she's feeling green.

3. She has a song for each of us that she sings to us purrsonally.

4. She shares her ice cream and her hamm with us.

5. She has a great lap and lets us sit on it even when she's werking.

6. She helps lotsa other kitties and beans who need help too.

7. She sits up at night with us if we're sick.

8. She makes sure we always have fresh crunchies and fresh water.

9. Temp-tay-shuns!!! She gives us Temp-tay-shuns!

10. She spoils us but not so much the V-E-T puts us on diets (yet).

11. She buys our organic NIP by the POUND!

12. She gives the best scritches and rubs ever.

13. She loves each of us best. (She tells us so!)

Well, really our list was longer. Like, we could have added that she makes sure all 5 of us have a food bowl so that we can all eat at one time without sharing, and she rescued our sisfurs and brofur too, and she spends lotsa time helping out with our bloggy and the Cat Blogosphere, and she makes cat joolry cuz she thinks we're so great, and she did the Cat Blogosphere calendar to help our furriends, and she says lotsa purrayers for our furriends and their families, when they get sick, and she takes nip and toys to the kitties at the local no-kill Ess Pee See Ay and gives them moneys efurry month, and she thinks kitty memorials are just as impawtant and bean ones, and she always makes sure we have company if she has to go somewhere for a couple days, and she only maded us learn just enough manners that guests don't get mad at us, and she trains pretty good like she learned fast to give us our treats when we sit, and she got us nice heated beds, and she helped Boni send her Tuxie gangster Edsel his heated bed, and oh gosh we better stop. We just know she's the bestest food lady we could ever have had, and she gets OUR Food Lady of the Yeer Award no matter what.

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