Monday, December 18, 2006

Dr. Smith is the BESTest!

I am nominating Dr. Kathleen Smith of the Houston Cat Hospital for the Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name is Pepi.

It may be kinda weird to nommynate somebody that I nefur even met, but I reely wanted to. See, even tho I live in Furginia and that's a long long way from Houston, I fink Dr. Smith is the bestest. And she's a V-E-T! So you know she's gotta be speshul for me to think she's the bestest.

Why? Cuz Dr. Smith saved our furriend KC! Our furriend KC lives in Houston, and she got furry sick from an infection after her girly surgery. We was all furry worried for her and purred for her a LOT. KC's Mommy took her to see Dr. Smith and Dr Smith dided surgeries on KC to get rid of all the infekshun. But poor lil KC had a ree-akshun to the sleepin stuff and she stopped breathing! That is NOT good, like we all know. But Dr. Smith is furry good and furry determined, so she did an emergency trake-ee-awtomy and she breathed for KC til KC could breathe for herself again. Wasn't that GREAT??? Me and my sisfurs are all so happy Dr. Smith is such a super duper V-E-T. And Dr. Smith helped KC get all better.

Well, I finks KC is furry cute even tho she's another girl and I got girl kitties all over the place around here. So I thoughted it was impawtent to nommynate Dr. Smith fur savin KC cuz that was a GRATE thing to do. Fanks for savin our furriend Dr. Smith!

Pepi the Hunter

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sekund vote is for ML for makin sure KC gotted to a good doktor!
Pepi the Hunter

12/24/2006 01:30:00 PM  

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