Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nominatyin owr Mom bean - Finny & Buddy

We are nominating owr mom bean for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: Finnegan & Buddy

Finny: I adopted her first so I get to tell my story first! I lived in a napartment compleks and had to eet garbij owt of dumpsters and hope the peeples who lived there din't chase me or throw stuff at me or let there droolers chase me. Seems like it was allways reely hot or cold or it was raining or snowing.

One time wen it was snowing, a lady and a man felt sorry for me and let me in there partment. So I thanked them by hugging and hugging them but they din't like that. And..well...I didn't have my hoo-ha-ectomy yet so I had to spray so other cats wood kno it was my partment and they were my peeples. But they reelly din't like that! So the man bean putted me owtside in the snow agane, but the lady felt sorry for me so she fownd owt abowt a good shelter plase were they wood take care of me and find me a furever home and she took me to SAFE Haven For Cats.

The beans at the shelter got me a hoo-ha-ectomy so I woodn't want to spray things ennymore and they fixed up an owie I had from fiting wif other animals at the partment compleks and they fed me reely good foods efurry day and the nise volunteers wood pet me and I wood hug them to see if they liked it. But none of the beans liked it wen I hugged them cos my claws wood go in there skin and they wood say ow ow ow and put me bak in my cage.

Efurry weekend beans wood come to visit the cats at the shelter and let a cat adopt them. But I wasn't reddy yet cos the vetty bean still had to give me more shots. So I was in the bak in a speshul room wif some other cats who were sik, and the mamacats wif kittens and no bean came to let me dopt them.

But one Satterday wen all the beans were coming to get adopted, the lady bean who was the boss of the shelter plase was showing some other beans all the cats and all the speshul plases becos the shelter was kind of new. And one of the ladies came by my cage and was talking to me and petting me throo the cage.

So Miss Pam sed "you can take him owt if you want" so the lady did. She opend the cage dore and I purred as lowd as I cood and I climed rite up her front and I put my arms arownd her neck and my hed down on her sholder and I just purred and purred and purred. Do you kno wat she did then? She petted me and hugged me back and she sed to the other ladies "This is my cat." And my granma bean laffed and Miss Pam laffed, but me and mom knew we were ment for eech other. So one week later I went home wif mom and we will allways be together and give each other hugs and even if mom sez "ow ow ow Finny yore claws are herting me!" she doesn't put me down and she NEVER makes me go in a cage!

That was 7 yeers ago and mom has allways taken good care of me. She takes me to the vetty bean, but not too much. If she has to go away for werk, she makes sure some nise bean frends come to feed me and pet me. If she has to go away for a long time, she takes me to visit Granma and Grampa who I allso love furry much. She gives me speshul treets like milk or shrimps onse in a wile.

Buddy: My story is reely diffrunt from Finny's cos I was resskewed by my good Brandon boy wen I was just a littul kitten and I lived wif him for 3 yeers. I din't have to scrownge for garbij or live owt in the snow and rane. I had other cats to play wif and even a big lizard! But wen I was 3, some bad stuff happend in owr fambly and I coodn't live wif enny of them enymore. One day Brandon's mom putted me in my carrier and we went for a long ride. Then she sed "Good bye Buddy, have a good life wif yore new mom." I din't know wat to think and I cryd and cryd. She gave me to another bean who putted me in her car and we drove and drove for a long time. This happend alllll day long! New bean, new car, long driving. I was so scared I coodn't even cry enymore, I just wated to see wat wood happen.

It was dark and I was in a van wif some nise beans who smelld like cats and that was ok, cos some of them had smelled like woofies and I din't like them! We were not driving and another bean came and got in the van and they let me owt of my carrier and she held me and sed "Hi Buddy! I'm yore new bean." She tolld me how hansome I was and that she had another poodin at home to be my new brofur but I was scared and worried. Then we drove more and more and finely we got to a howse and the bean sed Welcome Home Buddy! And Finny was there and we hissed at each other. Then mom put me in a little room by myself and I finely went to sleep for a furry long time.

It took a long time for me to be comfortable there in the stranj new howse and to stop wondering ware my Brandon boy was and to make frends wif Finny. But mom was payshent and she was furry nise to me. She din't get mad wen I scratched her wif my claws and she tryd to play the games I liked but I was afraid to trust her. I wood let her pet me a little bit but I woodn't sit on her lap or let her hold me.

Mom lerned to understand wen I was feeling a little bored and crazy and she plays wif me to make me feel happy and not bored. She makes ekstra gravy on my foods cos she knows how much I like gravy. She understands wen I get reely upset abowt somefing like last yeer wen the fire truks came and skared us and then I got furry sik a few days later. She takes me to the vet lady and she gives me pills even tho she knows I don't like them but it's good for me.

Wen I run owtside and want to eksplore, she lets me eet grass for a minit and then she piks me up and we go back inside. She even grows speshul grass in a little greenhowse just for me! She puts birdy seed owt to feed birdies so I can watch them and she puts carrots owt there too for my frend Bernard the wild Bunny.

But the furry bestest thing of all abowt my mom is that she sez I will allways allways be her big orinch Buddy and I will nefur haf to go on a long long car ride to live wif someone else or go to a shelter.

And that's why owr mom is the bestest Food Lady of efurry year!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you both found your forever home with such a nice Mom bean.

12/23/2006 01:13:00 AM  

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