Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our vote for Mummy

We Are nominating our Mummy for the Food Lady Peepul of the Yeer Award.
Our names are: Smudge and Bob

and we would like to nominate our mummy cos we think shes wonderful!!
she lets us sleep on the bed and strech out as much as we like, and get up as soon as we sing for our breakfast,
she helps out animal rescue and shelters here in the UK and all over the world so that other kittys can have a wonderful forever home like we do, and even though as mummy said we dont have lots of pennies we are rich in love and cuddles and we never go without

you know we think everybodys mummy and daddy are special but we just thought we would give ours a nomination to say thank you for being there for us through thick and thin we love you mummy

Link to my blog or Catster profile: Smudge


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwww that's a sweet fing to nommynate your Mummy cuz you fink she's so speshul! She must be speshul to do all that fur kitties!

12/17/2006 12:15:00 AM  

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