Friday, December 01, 2006

We namatie Mamma laura

Lilly and Iris tell all .

Mu shue: were do were Start Lilly and Iris

Lilly: mu shue she more than just a food lady

Iris: she better than that she Mama Laura

Mu shue: she a life saver wiff out her I be dead I was on my last legs. I had a home as a kittnen then my owner let me go and i was forsed to live on the streets. I was a furry sick cat when she took me in. She spent lots of green papers and time to get me well. I cost her an arm and a leg though out the years but she always said I worth every penny. she the best food lady becuse she cuddles wiff me takes care of me and spoils me rotten like i never knew before. There for she the best food Lady

Lilly: Well Mu shue your right she saved mny life two she could have taken a diffent cat. But she wanted the one who was laded unadoptbul. She wanted the cat who every one gave up on. She wanted the cat laded ungle wiff my spots and non matching tail. I would have never know love it was not for her. she wanted the cat who need someone. That was me one more day at that shelter and I would be at the bridge

Iris: wow you guys are right. Mama Laura is the best I knew that when i went her in the selter thats why i never let her get away. see there she was voiltreeing and There I was my lone kitten mezzer shelf so I adopted mama Laura becuse I knew she be more than just a food lady

Mu shue: Mama Laura giff the best cuddles

Lilly: Mama has given me cat beds so I can stay close and yet not too far she always working with me. She the only one who i let pet her

Iris: she put up wiff yodling at 3:00 am

Mu shue: well it Offical Lilly and Iris we got the best food lady in the world. more than just food and treets she giff us every thing we could ever want and more she always putting our wants before hers. Like wiff the Raido cat She sold a dimmond nechless and earing form her geart grandma to take care of my bills. She said "dimonds are just thing Love is something you cant by I promiced to take care of you I never brake my promice. Sometime we can do with out for the cats we love"

Lilly: Mama Laura I luff you always

Mu shue : mama Laura I luff You always and forever more

Iris: Mama Laura I luff you even if i am a babie mezzer


Blogger ML (Mary Lynn) said...

What a sweet story.

12/04/2006 05:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*claps* Yall did a grate story bout Mamma Laura! She's FANTABULOUS!

12/17/2006 01:02:00 AM  

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