Monday, December 18, 2006

Nominating Daddy bean

Angie and Beau Beau am nominating Daddy Bean for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Mine Mommy was the one who found me coz she had a dream bout finding me but my Daddy is extra speshul to me an Beau Beau. If it wasn't for him then we wouldn't even have had a speshul home to come home to.

First, Daddy found my brofur, Beau Beau. Then when Beau Beau settled in Mommy came to get me. Daddy at first didn't want to haf two cats coz he nefur did that before. But once he saw Mom holding me he asked her if she really wanted me to come home wif them. He got the paperwork going and put me in the car and brought me home.

Now that I've been here a year I know that Daddy is a speshul guy. The bestest fing of all is that he lets me sleep on the bed in between his and Mommy's pillow in my own speshul place. He sacrifices breathing almost acoz I finks he is allergic to mine hair. He doesn't breathe to good sometimes when I'm around him to much but he still lets me sleep there.

As for feeding us he is the one who gets up in the morning when we ask him to at 5:30 without complaint (and he is a complaining kind of guy). When our food supply gets low he makes sure that he takes Mommy shopping with him and then he buys us the bestest kind of food there is for us again without complaining about the cost. Then, even more importantly he makes sure that our bathroom boxes are always cleaned every day and he even sweeps up after me when I kick all the litter out of my box.

Playtime wif Daddy is fun too since he gets home first he makes sure we get some play time with our fev-vers even before he has to do all his ofur chores.

Most importantly of all is that he makes sure Mommy is happy and he is happy then we are all happy togefur in our furever home.

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