Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Always our Food lady of the year

I am nominating my Mom (Amber) for the Food Lady of the year Award.

Our names are: Scooby (Scoobythecat) & Jamesie (Snoodleroo)

Scooby says:
My Mom is my Food Lady of the year because she saved me. I was a wild kitten who got captured by the vet people, very scary. My soon to be Mom was at the vet's office because my sister Crystal was sick. They went out of the room and Mommy had to put Crystal to sleep because she couldn't ever get any better. The nurse thought that Mom might want to meet me so she took me in the room and handed me to Mom. Mom had been crying so hard and I could feel that her heart was breaking so I cuddled with her. I purred as hard as I could so she would feel better. She was so sad! After a little while, Mom started to rub my back and ears. I stood up so we could play and I got distracted and licked her fingers instead. My Mom showed me what kind of person she was right then because she asked the nurse about my situation. They told her all about me and she rubbed me some more and then she asked how much it would cost to take me home! She was going to take me with her! The vet kept me overnight so they could fix me and give me my shots but I was scared she wouldn't come back. But the next morning Mom came and got me! She had little tears in her eyes and said she had missed me tons! She talked to me and rubbed me and told me I have a family now! She is the greatest Mom a kitten could ever have! She even tells me about my sister Crystal, she still cries a little so I lick her tears away and tell her I love her too! I am proud to say that she is my MOM!

Jamesie says:
My Mom is my Food Lady of the year. She is my friend, Mom, playmate, toy finder, water & food dish filler, teeth & fur brusher, medicine giver, pillow, blanket washer, litter box cleaner (bad job but she does it anyway), door opener (to go out and play), nip buyer, and did I mention my friend? She loves me tons. She talks to me (& Scooby) about her life and listens to us when we need her. She might not understand "MEOW" but she still listens. She is always there when I need her and she will walk beside me outside. She held my paw through Crystal's illness and eventual death. We both hurt together is what she said. Crystal loved her too! Mom would let Crystal sleep under the covers tucked right against her side all night! Crystal drooled and she had bad breath but Mom just didn't care. That is the kind of person she is. She is everything a cat would ever want or need in a human parent. She has a very large heart and feels others feelings too. She will cry for someone who is hurting and she laughs at herself later about that, but it is a good quality. That is what makes me love her so much. So I am also proud to call her MOM!

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