Monday, December 18, 2006

My Food Lady

I am nominating for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

My Meowm, Rhonda (this is Junior speaking)

My Meowm is purrty wonderful! She gave me a furrever home after I had been at Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue for 2 years! She brought me home and has loved me even though in the beginning I bit her quite a few times.

She spoils me almost every month with a new toy. I get to sleep where ever I want and I can jump up on any counter. She feeds me stinky goodness every morning and evening and I get a little bit of crunchy food left out all the time. She says this is to help keep my teeth healthy! I get treats too! She plays with the wand toy with me and she tosses my catnip mice to me. She bought me a great Millie bed that I love! She lets me keep her company in the human litter box room and lets me play in the water in that big tub thingy...even whe she is in there! And she is taking me on a road trip so I won't be alone for Christmas and I get to meet my Uncle bean!

All this and we haven't even been together for a year (although it is very close)!

My Meowmy also donates to the Siamese Rescue when she can and she just bought some material to make snuggly blankets for some rescue kitties here in our home town!

I just love my Meowm!

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Thanks for reading my story!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for *writing your story - what a nice Meowm to work with Siamese Rescue and adopt you even though you put the bitey on her!

12/23/2006 01:23:00 AM  

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