Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Nomination

We are the four girls of the Big Piney Woods, Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious,and we are nominating our Momma. Each one of us was rescued by Momma, without her, our lives would certainly not be good. She would rescue any cat in need and wishes she could save them all! We love her so.......

Patches' story:
Some furless person dropped me off in my Furless ones driveway on a brisk day in Oct.Without hesitation, she scooped me up and asked me if I would be her girl. I took to them immediately, and became the Queen of the House. All I have to do is "say something" and I get whatever I want.

Mittens' story:
Momma was doing volunteer work at our local shelter (cleaning kitty cages) when some furless one dropped me off there, in a box. I was and still am a very scairty cat. I was hiding under the blanket, in my cage and growled when Momma came to clean. She found out I was just timid and would take me out and pet me each and everyday. She said, of all the kitties in the shelter, she felt sorriest for me. She said she knew everyone was looking for kittens, not a 7 year old fraidy cat who growled at everyone. My "date" was coming up....I would soon go to Rainbow Bridge. Momma did what she does best, took me home! She understands my need to hide and makes it easy for me. Since I have stomach troubles she feeds me a special diet and gave me my very own room for "alone time."

Mistrie's story:
I am the outside kitty, but I want it that way. Several years ago, I found the Big Piney Woods and started staying in the woodshed. Daddy told our Momma about me and she started feeding me. Since that time, they have made 4 beds for me. I get all the food I could ever want, including stinky goodness, and when it gets real cold, Momma switches my water hourly, replacing the frozen with thawed. I let only Momma pet me, and I love on her, and drool, and purr and headbutt, even give her love nibbles. She puts advantage on me, too. There is a huge woods here, lots of decks to hide under and trees to climb and sharpen my nails on. I have found my furrever home.

Precious' story:
I was dropped off, about a mile down the road from the Big Piney Woods, sometime this spring. I was heavy with kittens, two of which lived, a tuxedo and a tabby. I was only 6 months at the time, a kitten myself, but I raised them in the woods, eating only a few bugs that I could find. I gradually lost weight, became skinny and my fur was very thin. I was so tired, I could hardly move. Momma found my kittens, but they were very wild. (She didn't know about me until she brought food down.) After I let my kittens eat, I devoured what was left. She came down twice a day. One day she brought a carrier, hoping to catch my kittens first. They just ran, so she took me. I ate 3 cans of food that day and was whisked away to the vet. I now live in the lap of luxury. I started playing a month after arriving in the house and I play all day now. It is wonderful to never be hungry, wet or cold. (Momma went down for a long time to trap my kittens, but they never returned. There are many houses close by, so she thinks they found their furrever home. Or like some kitties say, they were my angel kitties , their job was done.) Here is a before and after picture of me.



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Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're glad you entered yur nice momma. she's one of the furry best people we effur herd of.

12/03/2006 04:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, we's furry glad you entered your Mommy. She's a sooper Mommy :) Yay!!!!!

12/17/2006 12:50:00 AM  

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