Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why our peepul should be nominated furrr Peepul of the Yeer

We are nominating Daniel and Samantha, our pawrents for the Food Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: Boogers, Hondo, and Fido

Our pawrents... Gosh, it's so hard to sum up our appreciation to our pawrents furrr all that they have done furrr us! Where to begin??

Hondo: I'll go furrrst... My story began in May 2005 when my pawrents moved to our current home in No. VA. They were new to the area, and while getting comfortable to the area while driving around, they saw a PetSmart. Here they met little 'ol me as a rescue called "Fancy Cats" as they were holding an adoption. My pawrents were looking at all the felines. My mom was NEVER a fan of cats; she was a DOG lover! But thankfully Dad was a Cat lover!! Well, within moments, their eyes fell apon ME!! I remember them saying how cute I was and how I would make a great playmate/friend/sibling to a DOG named Snooper! Well, they were approved to adopt me and the foster lady dropped me off a day later (she wanted to bring my toys and stuff to my NEW pawrents home).

The next day I was greeted with a slobbery dog and I was so happy to have a furrrever home. Within days I made my mom fall in love with cats:) But something was still missing. I pleaded with my pawrents that my sibling didn't look like me and I wanted to have a friend that looked like me to share my deepest and darkest secrets with...

Boogers: Oh, it's my turn as here's how I come into the picture! Well, I'm told that Hondo and Snooper got along well, but Hondo really wanted a feline sibling. Thankfully my mom at this time loved cats! So as a Catmas present to Hondo, they wanted to adopt another cat! Here's where I come in... The same organization was at PetSmart. Initially my now pawrents had brought home A DIFFERENT cat, but within a few days they knew this cat wouldn't work out. So they talked with "Fancy Cats" and they thought that I would be a purrfect match as I loved cats and dogs. Interestingly enough, I was at the PetSmart when my pawrents were adotping the "other" cat a few days prior. I guess the furrrst time, but they didn't see me... Well, they loved me and I went home and was a great match furr their family...

Now here's why we're nominating our pawrents... Within days, I got REALLY ill, and had a bad sinus infection. Being that my pawrents were still new to the area, they were still trying to find the purrrfect vet. Well, after 3 vets, they found THE ONE who was able to cure my illness. Our pawrents NEVER EVER gave up!! They didn't care how much it would cost to get me well, they loved me so much! It was heart breaking I'm told to see me sneeze, but their love furrr me was so great. Hondo even looked sad as he felt helpless :(

Well obviously I got better and am about to celebrate my 2nd Catmas with my pawrents!!! I'm so appreciative that they didn't give up on me like some would... Me and Hondo get along GREAT!!! But, why stop at 2 cats and one dog? *nudges Fido... WAKE UP*

Fido: Oh, wha? My turn? So here's where I come in... A year and a half later my pawrents wanted another cat. My mom's heart kept growing and she really wanted another cat. Of course, dad was all furrrr it! So I came to my new home Aug. 2006 as my dad's co-worker kneaded to find me a new home as she was too busy with work (Life of a cop). Well, things worked out great with me, Hondo, and Boogers (and yes, even the stinkin' DOG).

All of us want to nominate our pawrents as the Peepul of the Year. They have always put us furrrst in their lives. They have the heart of GOLD. When ever we knead something, they don't hesitate to go and get us food, medicine, and are even good to other cats. Furrrr example, each time they go to PetSmart to buy food? They buy toys and treats furrr others in knead as every cat and dog kneads treats and toys! My mom really kneads some new clothes as she hasn't shopped furrr herself in years, but instead, what does she do? She buys US stuff and donates to animal organizations such as Best Friends instead.

Our dad does the same as our meowmy and we are so proud of our pawrents furrr thinking of others. They have our best interest at heart, and always put themselves second to us. We really appreciate this!! They have provided us three with a pawsome life and we couldn't ask furr anything more!!! They are our inspiration to be better cats--well, wait... We do get in trouble from time to time... But they always furrrrgive us! Even after the fact that we ate cords, ruined our Catmas tree this year, etc.!!!

We cannot thank our pawrents enough furrr bringing us into their lives! We're told that they can't imagine where they'd be now if they didn't adopt us:)

They even signed us up furrr Catster where we met many of my friends including Skeezix!!! How many cats are lucky enough to have friends! My pawrents are so happy that we can meow and play with others and it makes them so happy to see US happy! Again, they're always doing what's best furrrr US!!!

And how many cats can say they have a stroller? Yup, my pawrents bought us a stroller and we are SO appreciative furrr that! Who kneads new tires when you can have a stroller???


This is why we're nominating our pawrents, Daniel and Samantha:) WE LOVE YOU!

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Blogger Frend of Skeezix said...

Boogers, Fido and Hondo are very lucky to have such great loving parents. Those kitties are spoiled but not brats. And their pawrents are so nice to all their friends too. They are just very cool. Boogers, Fido and Hondo that was a very nice piece your wrote. I bet your Mommy and Daddy are proud.

Rocky Ann

12/04/2006 04:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yall are so lucky to get such great pawrents! YAY for your Mommy and Daddy!!!

12/17/2006 12:30:00 AM  
Blogger BoogersCat said...

I hope I do my 2nd vote correctly *gets nervous; must be the nip* my 2nd vote since we have our own submission goes to Smudge and Bob!

12/20/2006 11:28:00 PM  

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