Friday, December 15, 2006

We're already winners...

We am nominating our momma for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

Hi, we'z Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

I'm da oldest, so I'z goin furst - My name is Princess Ziporah, yoo can call me Zippy. When I wuz a furry little kitty sumthing furry bad happened to me. No one knows how, but we suspect dat a horrible bean wuz involved, and I ended up with hurted paws. Our furry good frend (and rescuer of kitties) Ali saw a bunch of boyz poking a stick unner da nabors porch so she wint to see wut wuz goin on. Da boyz sed der wuz a kitty unner da porch an den showed her bloody paw prints from da porch, across da sidewok an leedin unner da porch. Ali wint an gots a can of toona and a kitty prizon box. Da boyz helped her set it up an den dey all hided an man, I gotta tell ya, I wuz furry hungry an da toona smellded sooo good. Yup, took about 3 minits to catch me. Den Ali called momma an of course momma sed to bring me rite ofer. Oh, poodins, I gotsa tell ya, my pawziz hurted so much an I wuz so starvin dat I thot I wuz gonna DIE. Momma rushed me to da merjensee vet (it wuz 4th of July an da reglar vet wuzent avalabul) and dey tolded her dat dey cood stop da bleedin, get rid of da flees but dey wuzent sher dat I wood survive. I wuz about 9 weeks and lookded like a 4 week old kitten. I wuz starved, I wuz hurted and I wuz gonna cost a lot of monee to fix. Can yoo beleeve momma an daddy dint hezitate bout da monee, dey tolded da vet to do wut effer wuz needed. Wen da vet wuz dun momma taked me home inna baby blanket and spoon fed me an cleened my owies frum Saturday nite until Monday wen she took me to see my favorit vet man Dr. Grebe. Dat man uz awsum. He tolded momma he wanted to save my paws an he cood do surjery but it wood be spensive an maybe dey shood jus amputate (noooo, don't cut off my pawzies!) but momma sed no, she wood find a way to pay fur it. Kan yoo beleeve my momma solded her favorit car, the one she had a name fur! It took 2 serjerees but Dr. G fixed dem owies reel good. After every surjeree momma hadded to carry me effury ware an clean da owies and re-bandaj my paws. She did a soooper job an Dr. G wuz imprest. Now my feets don't hurt cept occashunaly and momma knows just how to massaj dem to make da owie go away. She iz da bestest momma inna werld, she dint hafta sell her car to fix me (momma sez she did, cuz da alternatif wuz unthinkabul) an she spent so much time takin care of me dat she hardly effur slept. I'm so thankful fur findin her an antee Ali!

Oh, tanks a lot Zippy, yoo talk too much! Now wen peepul reed dis dey are gonna fall asleep frum how much yoo talk. Eh, she thinks she shood be a only kitty but mom is so kind harted dat she will neffur be an only kitty *giggles* Our stories are on our bloggie so yoo can see 'em der. We will jus say dat da momma is awsum, jus like Zippy sed. She not only haz us three but she fosters momma cats with kittens and sumtimes bottle babies dat gots no momma's. She effun tolded her boss ladee at da werk dat if she coodent take kare of da babies during werk hours dat she wood hafta take a difirint job. Her boss ladee is a good bean an sed dat since it duzent happen furry offen dat it wuz fine. An wen she takes bottle babies to werk (dis happens effury cuppul of yers, not alla time) effury bean in her departmint cums an coos ofer dem. Momma sez she coodint werk der if da beans were no good an dats jus on akount of us (an cuz of da way she iz). She efun gots da big bosses to agree to matching funds win employee beans make donashuns to animal sank-shu-arees.

We thank yoo fur yoor konsiderashun, but we's alredy winnurs - an so iz mommy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We agrees, yall are already winners! And your Momma is a winner too!

12/16/2006 11:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we want to use our second vote fur ours mommy (thanks dad)

12/19/2006 09:00:00 PM  

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