Friday, December 01, 2006

Why My Momma is Foodlady of the Year

I am nominating My Momma for the Food Lady of the Yeer Award.

Our names are: Gemini, Georgia and Cheysuli

Georgia: Gemini why don't you go first?

Gemini: YEAH!!! YEAH!!!! I get to go firstest! YEAH!

Momma should be Food Lady of the year cause she is the best. When I was a tiny cat, before she was Momma, I was out in the big world. It was a cold, rainy, wet night. There was even some flooding near where we were. Fortunately her condo complex wasn't flooded. She heard me mewing in the middle of the rainy night. She got up and in her robe and jammies, went searching around for me everywhere but couldn't find me. I was hiding good! Anyway she heard me twice that night and she looked for me twice.

The next day, she decided to go looking when she could see and she heard me once more. She walked towards the sound. I was as far away from her condo unit as I could be and still be in the complex. She picked me up, even though I was furry afraid, cause I didn't know how nice she was and she took me home. She put me in the little front porch area that was enclosed and went to her local pet store to get some kitten food. She kept saying she didn't want another cat so soon and I was long haired and she likes short haired cats but she wanted to be sure I had food.

Well she got back about 15 minutes later and I had gotten out of the porch area. So she hunted me down. There was a big black and white cat in condo complex named 8 Ball and she asked him where I went. He watched her and then wandered down a few condos and sat in front of one. As she was almost giving up, she went to scratch 8 Ball's head. I mewed from the porch behind her. She knew that 8 Ball knew where I was and had led her to me. So she found me again. I was still scared but this time she put me in the bathroom inside so I couldn't get away.

She made sure I ate 'cause I wasn't eating out of the dish. I bit her finger and she laughed at me 'cause it meant I had figured out the food and I was furry hungry. She made sure I was safe. Then when I after the vet checked me out, she let me meet Georgia! And I LOVE Georgia.

Momma has always made sure that I have what I need and she pets me and lets me lick her ears in the morning. I think she is the bestest Foodlady ever.

Georgia: Chey, do you want to go next?

Cheysuli: Certainly. I think she's a fine human being. She feeds me regularly and I think that's important. Although I am one of three cats, she does try and give me some one on one time, because, as a Meezer, I am high maintenance and I'm proud of it!

She searched me out and choose me. She drove for 6 hours to meet the woman who bred me and took me home, although I was a two year old cat and not a kitten. All the cats there liked her, except me. Even the sealpoint queen of the house let her touch her and she hates everyone! I knew I was in for a treat, so I treat her badly and she still adores me, as she should.

Oh and I appreciate that she did not write a Tale of Devoshun because she would have written it about Gemini and I would have sulked.

Georiga: Yes, well that's very fine Chey.

Chey: Yes, I am a fine, fine cat.

Georgia: But now it's my turn.

I've been with my human pet for over ten years now. We met when she lived in an apartment complex. I had quite a scam running. I was a charmer in my younger days, still am, but I like my comfortable life. I digress. I had several people feeding me and none of them knew about the others. My current pet used to love to pay attention to me and rub my ears and I loved that. The others fed me but didn't pet me enough. The woman who had a bed for me was moving and she gave my bed to my current human pet and asked her to look after me because her indoor cats didn't like me. The woman agreed. I lived outside her apartment for about four months. Then there was a storm. I bullied my way past Ingold (her orange male tabby who I had a love/hate relationship with) and slept in the closet. Then she decided I was hers and took me to the vet to have me vaccinated. The vet guessed I was probably an 8 year old cat.

She found that with my clipped ears I had probably been spayed at a feral cat rescue. She still loved me.

I picked on her lilac point Siamese but she still loved me. I picked fights with the male cat but she still loved me. I tried to eat Gemini but she still loved me. She sat me down after it was just her and I (Gemini was in the bathroom) and she told me that she wasn't a one cat person. She said I choose her knowing this and while I was probably thrilled to be an only cat, she wouldn't compromise on this. That little brat was staying. I caved. After all, she had caved in when I refused to be an indoor only cat, allowing me outside.

She feeds me well. She brought the litter box up to a closer place for me when I was having trouble moving. She sat outside with me so that even when I was having a very hard time moving, I could enjoy the weather. I love outside! She always remembers me and never leaves me outside (unlike some in the family!). She listens to me. She knows that I don't want my life to be about a bunch of medications and she is working with me to do everything we need to be sure my quality of life is high for as long as it can be.

I think she should be food lady of the year because she listens to what I want. She even listened to the Iggy cat. He wanted to die at home with her. It was hard for her to do that, but she stayed there with him the whole time. He died when he wanted to, naturally. I'm not sure how I want to go but I know when I do decide, she'll listen to me too. I know that's sort of morbid for you youngsters, but when you are an old lady like me, that's important.

Gemini or Chey, do you want to add anything?

Chey: Do we win food if she's foodlady of the year?

Gemini: CHEY!

Chey: Just asking...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great story yall! You's got a sooper Momma too!!! We laughed lots bout you kitties wif goin first n stuff too so it was extra fun. Yay for your Momma!

12/17/2006 01:00:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so sweet that you all took turns nominating your Momma - she sounds like a wonderful Food Lady!

12/17/2006 09:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we each get to post a second vote?

Chey would like to second Latte's vote for the Vet.

Gemini would like to vote for Merlin's Daddy. We didn't see him on the original list?!

12/20/2006 02:10:00 PM  

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