Monday, December 18, 2006

Mommakitty is the Bestest Food Lady!

Why Our Mommakitty Should Be "Food Lady of the Yeer"
by Kimo & Sabi

We want to nominate our Mommakitty as the Food Lady of the Yeer, but to do that we have to go back in time to tell you her story of devotion for kitties. This is what makes her so special to us . . .

S: Before we was born, Mommakitty had 2 other kitties, Misha and Geno. These were the first 2 kitties our Momma ever formally had in her family. They were both rescued by Mommakitty. First there was Misha, a meezer boy, who was born in a woodworker's shop. Misha and his siblings were making a mess at the shop, bringing in dead animals to eat, pooping everywhere, and messing with the woodworkers stuff. The shop man said he was gonna have to trap the kitties and take them to "the pound" unless someone saved them. Mommakitty got her friends to rescue and take home the kitties furever and she took Misha home with her. She didn't think she'd get another cat until Geno . . .

K: Mommakitty and a friend were at a flea market one day and saw some people trying to sell puppies and kitties out of their truck, but they were selling them for people to eat! Mommakitty and her friend were horrified and her friend pretended to want to buy Geno (a tuxedo boy), and scooped him up and ran. They ran to tell the police about these mean people, and the police called the humane society and they confiscated the furry babies and were taken to shelters for safety and adoption. Mommakitty took Geno home to live with her and Misha.

S: When Mommakitty met Daddykitty years later, she said "love me, love my cats," and he did, so they all lived happily after ever. Well, sort of . . .

K: Mommakitty took very good care of Misha and Geno. She was very dedicated to them and gave them lots of TLC. Misha passed away from some stomach problems in 2002 at the age of 13. Geno lived 2 more years, but was then diagnosed with Lymphoma a couple of days before Mommakitty's own momma passed away. Mommakitty knew Geno was in pain but she couldn't bear to lose Geno while she was still grieving for her own momma. Geno took some medication for a week and he gave Mommakitty some special TLC during his last week. They had some very special moments in their last week together - they talked to each other, snuggled and nuzzled, and when it was time they went to the vet together. Mommakitty stayed in the room with Geno, held his paws and prayed with him until he peacefully passed. This is a photo of Mommakitty and Geno on their last day together;
S: She took Geno's & Misha's ashes and spread them in some of their favorite outdoor places. They had a very special bond . . . Daddykitty say's Momma is a "cat whisperer." Kimo & I will attest to the fact that she is a furry good listener and doesn't just pretend to talk to us, she talks WITH us.

K: Which is a good segue . . . Mommakitty wasn't sure she wanted any other kitties after Misha and Geno, but Daddykitty convinced her to go to the local shelter and check out the kitty room. Sabi and I had arrived at the shelter about a week before - we were born on the same day, but not from the same litter - duh! I'm a meezer and Sabi's a black & white something. Anyhoo . . . as soon as they came in the kitty room we was climbing all over her! She said she felt we were so much like Geno and Misha, coloring and all!

S: She only intended to adopt one kitty, but she felt we were meant to be in her family! It was also real important that she adopted us kitties 'cause she's adopted too! She signed adoption papers and everything. When the adoption lady told Mommakitty there was a return policy, Mommakitty replied, "Adoption is forever!" Yeah for Mommakitty - she said she would NEVER return us and told the adoption lady that was a stoopid policy! As you might understand, she's a huge adoption advocate! This is a photo of us on our Gotcha Day;
K: So here we are 2 years later - still adopted! Mommakitty treats us like royalty (that's the way it's supposed to be). She has had to do a lot of training of Daddykitty 'cause he's still learning about kitties! When we breaks something, she doesn't get upset and explains to Daddykitty "stuff happens." Here are some other reasons why she's the best;
- She buys only the bestest food (checks the labels)
- She gets us lots of excercise with fev-ver mousies, fev-ver sticks, balls, etc.
- She lights the fireplace when it's cold
- She lets us play the piano (occasionally)
- She lets us snuggle in the warm clean laundry from the dryer
- She teaches us new games (like hide Daddykitty's batteries)
- She helps us collect coins and save money
- She encourages us to try new things (like Scrabble)
- She cleans out our poopie box and doesn't complain
- She combs us and keeps the bugs off us
- She give us rules, but let's us fudge on 'em
- She lets us greet visitors (if we feel like it)
- She put a birdfeeder outside the window for us to birdwatch
- She lets us interrupt her work to make bisquits
- She doesn't yell at us . . . she says "please get down"
- She picks boogers out of our noses
- She checks our tushies for dingleberries
- She watches American Idol with us
- She cleans up our hairball hacks
- She encourages us to meet new friends online
- She gives us headbutts and paw massages
- She gives good belly rubs and butt skootches
- She lets Kimo watch her take a shower
- She keeps us indoors, safe from mean outdoor critters
- She shares her tuna sandwiches with us
- She give us bottled water (not that stinky tap water)
- She lets Sabi help with her knitting
- She knits toys for us (and slips in a little nip!)
- She knits blankies for the Snuggles Project
- She give us hugs and kisses efurry night before bed

S: She works furry, furry hard each week as a psycho-lady-therapist, helping little kids stay with their families. She helped organize a rally and went to the California State Capitol to tell the Governator to give her program some more money to help these families . . . and he did! She runs a kinship center and when kids are at risk of being taken away from their parents, she helps them find other relatives willing to take care of them - sometimes temporarily, sometimes furever. It is a furry tiring job, but when she gets home she still devotes as much time as possible with us (and Daddykitty, of course). She says family is the mostest important thing ever and we are part of the family!
K: Did we tell you she also is an artist and does watercolor sketches of cats! She sells her artwork at street fairs and all the money goes to people or pet causes. That's how we learned about philanthropy . . . it's kind of a big word that means doing something special for others. Oh, and one more thing, the most important thing . . . she NAPS with us! Can you tell we thinks she is the bestest! More than just a food lady! She's Super Mommakitty!
S: Yea . . . she should get a Presidential award . . . and be on Oprah . . . and get a raise! Well, at the least, we thinks she should be awarded "Food Lady of the Yeer" 'cause she's the bomb!

K: Totally the bomb - we love our Mommakitty!

Respectfully submitted by
Kimo & Sabi
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Sooper Mommakitty for sure! Yay for Mommakitty :) Yall are furry lucky kitties Kimo and Sabi :)

12/18/2006 05:48:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is a very nice tribute to your mommakitty!!


12/23/2006 07:13:00 PM  
Blogger Jake and Bathsheba said...

Your Mommakitty sounds very great, and we love her artwork too.


12/24/2006 07:56:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

This is such an exsillint entry!!!! I shode it to the Food Lady and she wunted to know if the watercolors were of angel island. She sed they were vary byootiful!

12/25/2006 03:16:00 AM  
Blogger The Cat Realm said...

So where do we go and vote for her?
What a foodlady!
Has she ever considered employment? She sounds like she might be a better maid than our current maid....

7/11/2007 08:24:00 AM  

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