Monday, December 18, 2006

Our mewmie Hope the food lady and tasty ears

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

Cali, Snickers, Tempest, Lady:

We lov out mewmie so much that we want to nominate her for food lady of the year award. She is so dedicated every morning that she gets up on schedule to feed us. We get all sorts of good things like dry food, wet food beef, chicken, and salmon. She often makes us some fresh fish and we get tuna out of the can too. She loves us and works so hard to keep us happy. Mewmie has never been nominated for anything and we would be happy if she won and and happy if if didnt happen. She thinks about us before herself. She buys our foods and meds before she does for herself. She tells us that we are her life and we are so happy to have her as our mewmie. We all have gone through some scarey times in our kitty lives and if it was not for our mewmie rescueing us then we would either be dead or scared outside by ourselves. Please read our catster pages for our stories. Mewmie is out savior and we thank the lord everyday we have her. She has a big heart and would help any cat that needs help. We are also looking for a newsister too :) Our Mewmie is the best mewmie and food lady in the whole wide world. *meow* Cali Tempest Snickers Our Mewmie is in the red sweater. She is sitting on the left.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Resuing Mewmies are the bestest! Yay for your Mewmie!!!

12/18/2006 05:50:00 AM  

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