Monday, December 18, 2006

She put me on a diet, but I still love her...

I am nominating for the Food Lady/Dude/Peepul of the Yeer Award.

My name/Our names are: Sassafras, Polka Dot, Furman Dexter, Phoebe, and Melissa. Our nominee's name is Mindy. The picture is of her wearing her Crab Hat and sitting with Furman.

Our Mommy rescued us all and she loves us to pieces, that is why we are nominating her. She found me (Sassafras) in the pound thirteen years ago and it was love at first site. I clawed up her loveseat and she never said a word. Next, she liberated Polka Dot from a dirty basement
that smelled like pee pee, Furman Dexter just showed up at the back door, and Phoebe did too. Phoebe was wild wild wild, but Mommy sat with her every day and read her Harry Potter books until she got used to her voice, and now Phoebe sleeps on her head. Melissa came into the family when Mommy was a little girl, and they were like sisters. Our Mommy is so patient she didn't even get mad when Phoebe tinkled in some places she shouldn't have, she just trained her where to go. She brings us stuff to sniff from the outdoors since we aren't allowed to go out. Seashells, bird feathers, leaves, sticks and flowers. She buys us all kinds of toys when she can, even when things are tight. She makes sure we eat the best foods and nurses us when we feel sick. Furman Dexter had a big surgery this year and Mommy sat by his cage at the vet every day and held his paw. Mommy always makes sure the radio is on when she leaves the house so we can dance all day. She also makes sure to feed the birds and squirrels so we can have kitty tv. Mommy doesn't only love us kitties, she loves all animals and bugs. Mommy made us pages on catster and we got to meet all kinds of beautiful kitty furrends and humans. xxxooo, Sassafras

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Mommy sounds very kind, and I love the picture!

12/20/2006 01:06:00 AM  
Blogger Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I like the crab hat!!!!

12/25/2006 03:01:00 AM  

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