Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My salvation

I’d like to nominate Grammy and Popi as my people of the year.

My name is: Sophia, the Diva Kitty

Five years ago, my human died a sudden death. I loved my human very much. His children did not understand that I was mourning my human and thought I was being ‘difficult’. I lived with them for a bit, but they hit me, abused me and were not nice to me – so I fought back. I was left in a shoe box at the doorsteps of Petsmart just before Christmas because they didn’t want me any more. That’s ok – I didn’t want them any more.

The nice people at the pet store tried to help me, but I was too wary of humans at that point. They gave me to a shelter. The nice shelter people tried to find me a forever home by taking me to adoptions, I hissed, snarled and was unhappy in the cages, so no one wanted me. The shelter people left me at home for a couple of months and were trying to figure out what to do with me, they thought I might have to go to the bridge because I was so unsocial. They decided to give me one more try at the adoptions. I knew this was my last chance. I tried to be very quiet and not scared.

Then, a kind face appeared before me. I couldn’t believe it. Someone was talking to me. He reminded me of my human so much. I just had to reach out a paw and gently touch his face. Then, I heard her voice. She said, “This lonely little girl needs a friend like our lonely little girl”. They opened the cage and I jumped into Popi’s arms and started purring. He never put me down. They adopted me and brought me home to the best family a kitty could have, I love it when DKM and I get to visit Grammy and Popi. I still jump into his arms, every time.

Thanks Grammy and Popi!

Sophia flashing some tummy
Me chilling at Grammy & Popi's house this summer

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwwww :) We's so glad Grammy and Popi saved you Sophia! YAY for Popi! And you gots a great Mommy too. You's a furry lucky kitty. We gives Popi the 5 tail salute!

12/17/2006 12:10:00 AM  
Blogger The Famous Five said...

This made our Mummy's eyes leak.
We are glad you all found each other

12/17/2006 12:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Sophia! I'm glad fings werked out an you found such grate beans to dopt. What grate people!

12/18/2006 08:56:00 PM  

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