Saturday, December 16, 2006

I nominate Mr Tasty Face as the Food Dude of the Yeer


I am nominating Mr Tasty Face for the Food Dude of the Yeer Award.

My name is Skeezix the Cat.

At ferst Mr Tasty Face wuzn't going to let me stay. So I knew I had to werk fast if I was going to be abul to liv with them. Yoo see, I was the replacement for his best frend EVER (Joonyer), and even tho he thot it was too soon and he was in a lot of emo pane, the Food Lady new that he wood greeve himself into a dark dank hole frum wich he wood never klime owt if he didn't have sumthing else to fokuss on. Joonyer was the ferst cat that Mr Tasty Face ever had hoo was all his. So win Joonyer wint away, the Food Lady got me for him as a Krissmiss prezint. And the minit I met him, I likkt his face like I was gonna likk all his wiskers off so he cood bond with me, and I purrd until I thot my purrer wood brake, and he never sed I coodn't stay after the nite win the Food Lady brot me home. He was still sad abowt Joonyer (still is), but I helpt him heel a littul bit so it duzn't hert as much.

Mr Tasty Face mostly werks at home, so he and me git to werk together all day long: me on my blog and my store, and him on his werk (wich is not as ixsiting as my blog and my store). He givs me good sugjeschuns abowt aktiviteez I can do to make my blog more intristing, like going to vizit the gotes or the vary ixsiting Chuck Erreca Rest Stop on Eyes 5. He izn't kross with me win I git my wite hares all over his navy bloo cazhmeer swetter, even win it just came bak frum the dry kleeners. He uzully duzn't let me sleep in the peepul bed becuz I sqwerm like a werm and he needs his sleep, but otherwize, he is just the vary best Food Dood EVER.

He makes shur I have lots of treets and food and hed rubs and petting. He talks to me. Not like I'm an ideeyut, but like I'm anuther persun. We have reely good man-to-man konversayshuns. He makes the Food Lady by the kind of cat food I like, and even tho he thinks pink is a silly color, he lets me ware pink clothes becuz he knows I like to look good, and pink is a flattering color for me. He even thot it was kinda neet win I got a jakkit that was vary much like the grey jakkit he always wares so that we can be twins! IN fakt, it wuz his idea to git me a swetter in the ferst place, becuz he's like me -- kinda skinny and hareliss, and he knows whut it's like to git reely cold, and he thot sum clothes wood help keep me warm. Winever the Food Lady takes me to the vet man, Mr TF goze along to keep us cumpunny (Ixsept for win she took me in to have that thing dun to my goodie sack wich is known as a hoohaectomy. That time he kinda crost his legs and sed he just coodn't.)

He's always inventing new cat toys for me to play with, based upon the types of aktiviteez I like best. He let the Food Lady keep my long tunnel box even tho it looks takkey (as long as we keep it upstares so no one can see it) and he even made caps for the ends so it wood have strukcherul integrity (wich meens it won't go flat like a pancake win I jump on it.) He even bilt a takkey kardbord frame for the compyuter teevee (wich we like to sleep on to keep warm) so we woodn't role off the side. He's vary konsiderut.

And he looks owt for other cats, too. Win Tripper the stray cat started coming frum owt in the forest to eet food on owr dek, he sed the Food Lady shoodn't feed him becuz we coodn't manije one more cat. But after abowt a day he reelentid, and after the Food Lady tamed him, him and Mr TF got to be grate frends. Mr TF spends time every singul nite holding Trip on his lap (wich is hard werk becuz Trip is a big man cat) and petting him and gitting him to purr. This helps make Trip less psyko. And Mr TF will open ten cans of cat food until he finds one the cat he's feeding likes. The Food Lady just sez, "they've got plenty of dry krap owt. Let them eet that if they're hungrey." He has a soft tuch that way.

So in konkluzhun, I nominte Mr Tasty Face as my Food Dood of the Yeer. And both me and the food lady can vowch for the tastyniss of his face.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, what a grate story, Skeezix! Mr. TF is a fantabulistic Food Dude! And we's glad you could help him not be so sad about Junyoor too.

12/16/2006 11:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Mr. Tasty Face sounds like he's just about as nice a guy as my dad! I especially liked the part about how he'll open ten cans of food until he finds the right one!

12/17/2006 09:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have very special humans in your life, Skeezix. It's a shame that you won't let them be considered for the award for all that they've done for you, Mao, Rocky, and Trip.
DaisyMae Maus

12/18/2006 10:38:00 PM  
Blogger Jake and Bathsheba said...

Skeezix, Mr. TF would have our vote if only he were eligible!


12/24/2006 07:58:00 PM  

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