Sunday, December 17, 2006

I luv my Grandma

I am nominating my Grandma for the Food Ladyof the Yeer Award.

My name is Sanjee.

I's kinda shy to rite this, becuz I loves my Mommy too, but my Grandma is my Food Lady of the Yeer! And she deeserves an award. TWO efun!

See, Mommy was my purrson when I wuz little. And dat was good. I luved my Grandma too, but Mommy was my purrson. The Mommy hadta go up to Noo Yawk and live. She was gonna bring us kitties in a lil while after she could get a place where she could haf kitties. So me n Mini n Boni stayed wif Grandma waitin. But Mommy was furry sad cuz couldn't geta place where she could haf kitties. And well I got used to Grandma lil by lil and I picked her for my furever purrson cuz she is always so good to me.

I didn't like hafin sisfurs. I wanted to be an only cat. Grandma unnerstood that. She letted me haf her bedroom! She putted my foods and my water in her room and efun my litterbox. So I hadded my whole own place. She efun putted my kitty bed on the big bed so's I could be neer her and not be lonely. And she talked to me lots. She tolded me how speshul I am and that she luved me lots.

Grandma efun loved me when I playeded too hard wif her. I's kinda fussy and Mommy knewed how to deel wif me when I playeded to hard. But poor Grandma didn't know. So lotsa times I clawed her and maded her bleed efun tho I didn't meen to. Like almos efurry day for a long time. Grandma called it donatin blood for the kitty. But Grandma still luved me. And she still tolded me I was speshul and that she luved me lots.

Soon efurry night when Grandma would come to bed we gots to talk. She talks to me and I talk to her. She pets me too. And now we knows that we luves each ofur lots and lots and I don't claw an play too hard when she pets me. Then after our talkin and pettin we gets to go to sleep. I likes that lots and lots.

Well Mommy camed home to live cuz she bein wif her kitties and she missed Grandma too. It wuz nice Mommy camed home but Grandma's still my purrson. Grandma still lets me haf her room so's I gots my furry own terrytory n foods n stuff, efun tho I kin go out in the rest of the h ouse any times I wanna. And she luvs me lots and lots. And we talks efurry nites and I gets pets.

Sumtimes I lay closeby Grandma cuz that makes her reel happy. I's kinda fussy and don't like ta touch much when I sleeps. But sometimes I efun lay right next to her feets and tuches them and that makes her extra reel happy. So maybe I'll do it sum more. I wanna make her happy cuz she taked good care of me and didn't hate me for makin her bleed almos efurry day for a long time. And she always always still luvs me. And she talks to me efurry night and tells me I's speshl and she luvs me lots.

I luv you Grandma!
You's the bested Food Lady efur! (Sorry, Mommy) And you deeserves an award for bleedin so much til we gotted usedta each ofur. And fank you lots and lots for always luvin me and tellin me how speshl I am and how much you luvs me lots. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that's so special Sanjee!

12/20/2006 01:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My ofur vote goes to Danielle fur savin kitties!

12/24/2006 01:27:00 PM  

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