Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our Nomination

We are Mia, Ghost & BG and we are nominating our Mom for Food Lady of the year. Our lives would be very different without her or even cut short. We love her very much...

I've been here the longest so I'm going first. I was a feral kitty on my own surviving as best I could catching meeces or other critters and hiding to stay safe. I was on my way to chase some meece in the field behind this nice house when a furless one came out & spoke to me! I was very spooked cause furless ones have never been very nice to me. But she fed me & I didn't even have to chase the food. I was very hungry & scared because other bigger cats beat me up. I finally warmed up to Mom but wouldn't go in the house yet. One night she was looking for me because she had heard a cat fight. She found me under the bushes. I had been hurt very bad. I was rushed to the VET and lost my eye but he fixed me. Sometimes I am a little unsteady on my feet but Mom loves & accepts me the way I am even if I am hissy and old. I love my Mom ~ Ghost

I had a home and was an inside cat. Then my thoughtless, mean humans moved and threw me out on street to fend for myself (bad humans). I wandered around trying to find some place to be safe. I found a house with nice lady who fed me & tried to get me inside but I couldn't take her sticky little people. One day, the nice lady had company - nice lady's sister scooped me, put me in PTU & drove me almost two hours to my current home. I'm glad Mom rescued me and that her sister kept me safe until she could come for me ~ Mia

Ok, I know I'm a woofie but I have a story too. I showed up on the doorstep on Labor Day with no collar or any ID. Mom (and my Granddad) took me all around trying to find my home. When no one claimed me, they built me a house & told me I was home (I already knew it). ~ BG

We all love our Mom. She has rescued other kitties too. Including one who fell into a hole in concrete wall at her work - she & co-workers fished out the kitten from about a 4 foot hole. They found good homes for all three kittens & mama cat. She also took another rescued kitten to her sister where he is living the good life but he had to endure a 3+ hour car ride to get to his furrever home. She would love to be able to rescue all kitties and it breaks her heart to know she isn't able to do so.

Thanks for sponsering this Skeezix & we want to let everyone know we love all your stories ~ Ghost, Mia & BG

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yall haf a fantastic Mom, Mia, Ghost and BG! YAY for your Mommy!

12/17/2006 12:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Mom has a kind heart!

12/23/2006 12:54:00 AM  

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